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A stellar week for big ticket end user domain name sales at Sedo, 25 domains up to $100k

Sedo racks up a number of big ticket end user domain name sales.

SedoSedo sold $1.4 million worth of domain names last week. And for those of you that always complain about end users getting off too cheap, I think you’ll like some of the sales on this week’s list. The top one is Pizza.nl at €75,000 (appx $100k USD).

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Pizza.nl €75,000 (appx $100k USD) – Takeaway.com, a pizza and food delivery service.

NextDirect.co.uk £1,500 – Next Retail Ltd in the UK.

CountdownToSavings.com $2,500 – Frito-Lay.

CloudApp.com $10,100 – A Mark Monitor client

Y2D.com $825 – Y2D, a digital media company that uses the domain name Y2D.me. A no-brainer at this price.

Atreaus.com $1,499 – Atreaus Capital, which owns atreauscapital.com.

InvestInTheUs.com $805 – Capital Business Solutions, a business broker.

BatteryPoint.com $3,000 – A New York firm called BatteryPoint LLC. It appears they’re a financial services firm.

ColumbusCremation.com $2,000 – Snyder Funeral Homes, Inc. in Mount Gilead, Ohio.

BetBit.com $8,500 – Bravo Storm S.A., which operates online casinos.

EHSCareer.com $4,000 – the owner of EHS.com.sg

Kommunal.com €2,500 – this appears to be an Austrian political magazine. They also own Kommunal.at

ERS.com £17,500 – Equity Insurance Management Limited in the UK. Its underwriting business is called Equity Red Star, hence “ERS”. I think this is a pretty good value.

TheFancy.net £1,800 – Fancy, previously known as The Fancy, which bought Fancy.com earlier this year.

CasaSoft.net €2,000 – Software Casasoft AG, which uses Casasoft.ch

SAKG.com $1,250 – Kansas City law firm Scharnhorst Ast & Kennard, P.C.

LoanCenter.com $50,000 – Wilshire Consumer Credit, which offers car title loans.

BuyHoldSell.com $3,499 – Money Matters with Ken Moraif, a personal finance expert.

TattyTeddy.com $800 – Carte Blanche Greetings, seller of Tatty Teddy toys.

CCC.me $750 – Consolidated Contractors Group SAL., which currently uses CCC.gr for its web address.

Snowflake.co $1,000 – Snowflake Computing.

FabShopper.com $1,010 – Clothing store FabShopper.co.uk.

NaplesTaxi.com $800 – The real estate agent who owns NaplesGuru.com.

Ph-D.com $10,500 – Russian company Philosophy of Design, which appears to be an architecture or interior design firm. That’s a heck of a pricetag for this domain.

ExitPlan.com $10,000 – Quest Business Brokers, which specializes in selling accounting practices.

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  1. Louise says

    Carte Blanche won the rights to MetoYou.com in 2004 via wipo, but the respondent didn’t reply, but, here, it simply bought TattyTeddy.com for $1,000, imo a case of saving $$ on the wipo.

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