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26 end user domain name sales from Sedo

A bitcoin marketplace is among the end users buying domain names at Sedo last week.

Sedo closed $1.2 million of transactions last week, including five domain sales to one end user. You may view previous sales lists here.

Bitok.com $15,000 – Purchased by Bitcoin Innovations Ltd. It looks like a bitcoin marketplace, including for buying and selling options on bitcoins.

Brainlab.at 1,700 EUR – Brainlab, a medical device maker. It uses Brainlab.com for its web address.

CoolCash.co.uk £1,000 – a London company called CoolCash UK Limited.

NetMerit.com $1,695, WebProShop.com $1,995, HomeProNetwork.com $1,195, Netprosys.com $2,495, and Speedtestt.com $2,595 – Ookla, a network measurement and internet metrics company. Interesting that they bought a

CarAdvice.net $950 – CarAdvice.com.au Pty Ltd, which obviously owns the matching Australian ccTLD. They also own CarAdvice.com.

ElectroBill.com $1,395 – Robinhood Films, a movie distributor. Given the films they distribute, this title is right up their alley.

Logway.com 7,900 EUR – Supply chain and logistics company Logway.com.

GImages.com 2,495 – Photo licensing company Getty Images.

Saucony.co.nz $1,342 – Wolverine World Wide, which owns the athletic shoe maker.

TinyPtints.com $1,000 – CitizenHawk, the typo recovery firm. Assuming they have their typical contract with Tiny Prints, this means they believe the domain gets enough traffic to warrant this purchase price through its monetization contract. The price made it cheaper to acquire the domain through purchase rather than UDRP, although I don’t know if that’s good for its client in the long run.

JIUS.com 1,150 EUR – The owner of JobsInTheUS.com apparently decided a shorter domain name might help.

Politerm.com 1,199 EUR – the owner of Politerm.com.ru.

Alphaworks.net $2,400 – Betaworks, the company behind Digg, Instapaper, and other services. IBM owns Alphaworks.com.

MyInvestments.co.in $1,000 – Kotak Securities Ltd in Mumbai.

DoubleDeckerTour.com $800 – Quality Tours outside of Washington, DC.

CSASecurity.com $2,295 – CSA INVESTIGAZIONI S.R.L. in Italy, which uses the domain CSAGroup.eu.

MSchem.com $2,000 – Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc. picked up a shorter address.

AppsEasy.com $1,095 – The owner of AppsMakerStore.com, a service for creating apps.

SSTrecords.com $1,995 – SST Superstore, seller of punk music.

Mannschaft.com 1,888 EUR – Lautes Haus GmbH, which owns the website mannschaft-magazin.ch.

MyLifehouse.com $2,499 – Jesus Lifehouse Church in Japan.

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    I don’t know who owns BITBANK.COM… but I’m guessing they could find themselves with a fat payday here soon.

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