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Yahoo! domain auction now has over 500 domain names

More domains, including several hundred from Associated Content, have been added to the Yahoo! domain auction.

Yahoo domain auctionThe list of domain names Yahoo! is offering in a domain name auction currently running on Sedo has expanded to over 500 domain names. Many of them are listed with reserves below $5,000 and some are below $1,000.

The auction ends on Thursday.

There’s a wide range of quality beyond the headline domain names such as AV.com and Sled.com.

For example, if your budget is under $1,000 you’re going to have to settle for domain names such as QualityTime.net, StockSquad.com, and MyCarIsGreat.com.

Some of the sub $1,000 domains are appealing. PostAJob.com already has nine bids (it’s up to $850). A couple others that I think are worth a look at the price include PrizeDrawings.com and MyFanPages.com.

Several hundred of the domain names now listed appear to have come with Yahoo’s Associated Content acquisition. All of these domains start with “Know”, such as KnowKentucky.com, KnowKarate.com, and KnowHealthInsurance.com.

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  1. Joseph Peterson

    Frequently, the larger corporations have unrealistic price expectations when it comes to liquidating portions of their domain portfolio. Even companies that ought to be more domain savvy suffer from pie-in-the-sky syndrome. Was anybody else deafened by the bidding silence during that recent Marchex auction?

    This Yahoo auction definitely has its curious misappraisals, doesn’t it? Many of the domains are priced justifiably high. Yet my eyebrow can’t be the only one raised by such fare as

    gcty.com … reserve between $5k and $10k

    CandidateTracker.com … reserve between $10k and $25k

    Traffic-Server.com … reserve between $5k and $10k

    NetControls.com … reserve between $10k and $25k

    JumpCut.com … reserve between $10k and $25k

    Sports-Live.com … reserve between $10k and $25k

    IPORoadShows.com … reserve between $10k and $25k

    ChillerTheater.com … reserve between $10k and $25k

    ConcernedAbout.com … reserve between $5k and $10k

    … and so forth

    Maybe one of these domains COULD sell in such a price range, given ideal conditions plus a lot of luck. But a champagne-popping, best-case-scenario price is one thing; and a pattern of exorbitant reserve prices is another.

    Perhaps I’ll be “wrong” in the sense that one domain of little recognizable value will sell for $10k or more. Statistically speaking, that’s likely to happen. And, after all, who has time to research the possible hidden importance of all this domain debris. Is there really anybody out there sufficiently concerned about ConcernedAbout.com to even begin researching whether to buy it?

    But I think I”m right in the sense that Yahoo could have generated more income from a more sensible reserve price strategy.

    Risibly naive, I’d say. A company such as Yahoo can afford better advice.

  2. ChuckWagen

    GCTY was the stock symbol for Geocities (maybe you knew). But today the reserve for gcty.com is still high.

  3. Domenclature.com

    What this publicity garnered by Yahoo’s auction shows is that the domain space needs a credible company, and market place in order to bring domain investment to the mainstream; it means the market places we currently have are not operating with market tenets. Perhaps, a lot of politics determine what gets listed, and sold, or worse, a lot of tricks.

    If Yahoo gets into the space, or eBay, and seriously conduct, and promote domain sales market, it will be mainstream. Domain age, or who is selling it should not be a factor, just like stock. Perhaps, names are like antiques, or 1964 mustang, and may have intrinsic value for that, but not as a general rule.


    If they get a fat number for any of these craptastic domains…I’m gonna pull the remaining three hairs from my head in amazement & despair.

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