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Frank Schilling’s first new top level domain name is live

You can now visit a .tattoo domain name.

Frank Schilling’s .tattoo is alive with nic.tattoo.

Yes, that’s a domain name. And it’s now on the internet.

It’s the first second level domain of Schilling’s TLD bids that you can actually visit from your browser.

Included on the site, which is a pitch “artists, studios, and individuals” about the future availability of .tattoo domain names, is a video of Frank Schilling philosophizing about tattoos. If he does a video for his .sexy domain name, I hope he takes a slightly different tact. I can imagine a great parody video.

[Update: nic.sexy is now up too, and thankfully there’s no Schilling video about sexiness on the site.]

The video includes examples of domain names you might register, ranging from warrior.tattoo to maria.tattoo to alex.tattoo. (None of the suggested domains are on the name collision block list. I checked.)

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  1. Viljami says

    My first visit to a new tld is now official. Mind-blowing 🙂 Chrome was still a bit hesitant to take me there, though. I don’t know but that video pitch was kinda silly imho, especially the opening line. Guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of those in the near future.

  2. Joe Davison says

    Interesting that Google Chrome intercepted my address bar direct navigation entry of “nic.tattoo” on the first attempt, and took me to a search engine results page instead. There was a tiny notification box at the top of the screen that said, “did you mean to go to nic.tattoo?” and I had to click “yes”.

  3. Aron says

    His videos are very well done.

    Side note: I have to admit I typed in nic.tatoo.com on accident.
    It will take a learning curve, as everyone knows.

    Well done Frank. Great video.


  4. ChuckWagen says

    The photo at the top of nic.tattoo combined with the video of him playing with his feet made me throw up in my mouth.

  5. Domain Veggies says

    I hate to be the one that points out the two “swastika” tattoos on the guys face towards the end, but it’s there. Out of all the awesome tattoos you can find, how did this major mistake slip?? Terribly bad call for the rollout! Cool brandable new TLD though. I hope someone fixes this ASAP. I still wish Mr. Schilling the best. #EatYourVeggies @DomainVeggies

  6. Russ says

    Frank’s .sexy is live too.

    A bunch of Demand’s/Donuts’ tlds went live in this morning’s root zone too:

    But for most of those, going to http://www.nic.tld yields a parking page.

  7. Domain Veggies says

    @AndrewAllemann Yeah, that’s right. Of course, it’s a mistake. Unfortunately, that’s one of those symbols that’s offensive to most sane people of all creeds. I’m sure an editor somewhere will get an earfull. Ouch! #EatYourVeggies @DomainVeggies

  8. Not_Eye says

    How incredibly stupid! Seriously, who will ever want one; and, better yet, who will ever want to pay for one? If this were the old gong show, I’d be kicking the gong right now.

  9. chrisbacke says

    It seems to help to use the forward slash (nic.tattoo/ doesn’t get turned a search result). I do wish the sites had some specifics (y’know, sunrise dates, landrush dates…?)

  10. Nathaniel Bailey says

    Well I don’t personally see the point in these domains but I can see some of them doing well to start with (maybe) but in terms of SEO I can’t see many people bothering to switch to a gLTD just to have to start fresh on everything!

    Oh and firefox opens these just fine without any problems of being taken to a search like people are reporting chrome to do! So I guess FF is still the best browser in ever way 😉

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