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What domain names General Motors and others recently purchased

GM buys a domain for $795 and other end user domain name sales.

I was traveling last week, so I’m a bit behind on end user sales reports. This report is for two weeks ago.

PhoneTracker.com $50,000 – Spy Phone Labs LLC, creator of the Phone Tracker software for monitoring your child’s cell phone.

Propertybase.de 4,165 EUR – Real estate software company Propertybase, which already uses Propertybase.com.

FirstBrothers.com $21,000 – Investment and advisory firm First Brothers, which uses the domain Fbrother.co.jp.

Fishpond.jp $1,599 – Fishpond, a site for buying and selling used media. They own Fishpond.com and Fishpond in various other TLDs.

Unearthed.co.uk 1,200 GBP – The ComplEAT Food Group Ltd bought this domain for its “unearthed” site about regional foods, which is currently hosted at DiscoverUnearthed.com.

EmbarkOnline.com $2,195 – Education company K12, for its Embark program for preschoolers.

BookMad.com $1,495 – Pearson Education, Inc

IncredibleThinking.com $795 – General Motors (GM)

ClassicFireplace.com $3,500 – Heating and cooling company Service Experts

JointMan.com $2,895 – Arthritis Northwest in Spokane, Washington.

LosVencedores.com $1,000 – Law Offices of Mark Anchor Albert in Los Angeles. It means “The Victors” or “The Winners” in English.

GiveSmart.com, Givesmart.net, GiveSmart.co.uk $40,000, $2,500, $2,500 – GiveSmart US, Inc., a philanthropy/fundraising company that uses Givesmart.org for its web site.

UsedAlcatel.com 2,800 EUR – Telecom Leasing LLC

DYOH.com 950 EUR – a Mark Monitor clients

Kabane.com 1,795 – Quebec company Kabane, which uses Kabane.ca

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