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It’s Official: first 4 new TLDs have been delegated

Four new top level domain names delegated.

It’s October 23, 2013, and a few new top level domain name applicants can finally see the fruits of their many, many years of labor.

ICANN announced today that four new top level domain names have been delegated.

The four domains are شبكة. (web), .游戏 (games), .сайт (site), and .онлайн (online).

The registry operators for these domains will soon put up a second level domain or two, which will be another big moment in the new TLD program.

Official IANA records for each of the four domains show registration dates of October 21, and include a message “This domain is not present in the root zone at this time.” This should be updated soon.

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  1. IdnHost says

    Because they are international domain names and were made priority a while back by Icann. Hope this answers your question.

  2. Kassey says

    I tried 儿童.游戏 (children games) using Firefox but it did not resolve. May have to wait for a new version of Firefox.

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