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Servers.com domain name to be sold in bankruptcy auction

Prized domain name will be sold in a court ordered bankruptcy sale.

The domain name Servers.com is headed to the auction block due to bankruptcy.

Servers.com is one of the domains in the Ondova Limited Company bankruptcy. A previous portfolio of domains from Ondova sold for over $5 million, although it got hung up in court for a while.

The auction will take place October 29 in Dallas. A bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for November 4 to approve the sale.

There’s a $300,000 stalking horse bid for the domain name by XBT Holdings, Ltd, so the opening bid will be $330,000. You must deposit $40,000 with the trustee in order to participate.

This is a case where there’s actually a pretty good comp for the domain name. Sedo brokered the sale of Server.com (singular) for $770,000 back in 2009. Amazingly, the domain doesn’t seem to resolve.

You can argue whether the term “servers” is more or less valuable now than in 2009 due to cloud computing. But this is certainly a good quality six figure domain name any way you look at it.

Interested bidders can request information at Servers.com. This court document (pdf) explains the terms in greater detail.

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  1. namesagent says

    “You can argue whether the term “servers” is more or less valuable now than in 2009 due to cloud computing”

    What do people think “the cloud” is, some magical realm in the heavens? It’s SERVERS for cripe sakes!!!!!

  2. Jonathan says

    Domain names, like telephone numbers, that are “easy to remember” are not written down. Then when the viewer wants to go to the site later… they can’t remember. Easy to digest/Obviously related to who you are and what you do – so the viewer knows they are at the right site – is better advice IMO.

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