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I’ll wear your company’s t-shirt to TRAFFIC if you…

Make a donation and get publicity.

The next TRAFFIC conference is just a few weeks away.

TRAFFIC is a good opportunity for domain name companies to get exposure for their brand and services, and I want to give you a leg up this time:

I’ll wear your brand’s t-shirt on one of the conference days.

I’ll be like a walking billboard. I will make sure to photobomb as many of Ron Jackson’s pictures as possible while wearing your shirt so it gets more attention. I’ll also post a picture here on Domain Name Wire along with a short write-up about your company.

All your company has to do to get this promotion is make a donation to the Water School.

Since there’s only one me, I’m going to auction this off. The opening bid is $250. Leave a bid in the comments ($50 increments) that includes your company name and bid amount. Whichever company has the top bid as of Monday October 7 at 1 PM CDT will win.

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  1. Ron Jackson

    Great idea – I will be sure to get a good shot of you in the winning shirt. However, to really complete the look, I think you need to wear your Speedo swim trunks the same day and auction off a second ad on those.
    I’m pretty sure the latter ad would draw a higher bid than the TShirt! (In case you have any doubts, I want you to know that I have consulted with Morgan Linton at FashionMetric and he assured me that T-Shirts and Speedos are all the rage in Ft Lauderdale this fall)!

  2. Colin


    I hear you need to rethink your strategy. Maybe we should get Crampton (Applicant Auctions involved) to help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Colin

    And I thought the .CLUB gTLD auction went crazy. Best of luck to all remaining ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great job Andrew at bring attention to this charity.

  4. Richard Lau

    Great idea Andrew! WaterSchool needs and appreciates the funds and your efforts. Very cool to see all of the support and TRAFFIC will be a great event for the winner to be promoted at. Keep the bids going…. Ammar — you aren’t going to let Rick beat you are ya? ;^)

    • Ammar Kubba

      Thanks, Richard!! Always happy to support a good cause.

      Re: me being on time for dinner from now on… unlikely, but you can still count on me being fashionably late ๐Ÿ˜‰

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