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ICANN finally signs more new TLD contracts; Donuts signs a dozen

A dozen Donuts as ICANN finally starts inking more registry agreements.

Since ICANN signed four new top level domain registry contracts at its meeting in Durban in mid-July, no more have been signed.

Until now.

Donuts is reporting that it has signed a dozen (hopefully glazed) more registry contracts with ICANN. It signed one for 游戏, Chinese for “Game”, at the Durban meeting.

The contracts cover .bike, .camera, .clothing, .equipment, .estate, .guru, .holdings, .lighting, .singles, .ventures, .voyage, and 企业 (.enterprise, Simplified Chinese).

Additionally, Donuts has passed pre-delegation testing.

I suspect ICANN will announce many more contracts have been signed when it updates its contracting statistics page. This means that, even if there’s a four month waiting period before domain names can be activated, it’s possible that some of these domain names will go live with customers before the end of the year.

This also means that sunrise periods are likely to begin later this year. Sunrise can begin before the four month waiting period concludes.

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