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Google hiring for new top level domain name initiative

Google is looking for a couple people to work on its top level domain name program.

Google jobsGoogle has posted two job openings related to its new top level domain name plans.

The company is seeking both a Product Marketing Manager, Domains and a Strategic Partner Manager, gTLD program.

Here’s the description for the Strategic Partner Manager:

Google is launching a domain registry and we are looking for people that are excited about building this new business for Google. Through ICANN’s new generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) program, the Internet will change fundamentally – and Google’s gTLD team will help shape this change. Google has applied to be the registry for 98 new top level domains, ranging from Google brand terms like .google and .chrome to generic domain extensions like .how and .fly. Our Emerging Business Development team plays a critical role in launching and growing this business by managing partnerships with domain registrars who promote and sell our TLDs. In addition, we help define product requirements and identify additional strategic opportunities across the company. As a Strategic Partner Manager, you will build and maintain relationships with many of our top registrar and other strategic partners. Your responsibilities will include analyzing and tracking business performance to identify new opportunities, contributing to the product vision, and resolving business and relationship issues.

In case you thought Google was only going to sell its domain names directly (sans other domain registrars), this job posting seems to put that idea to bed.

Google has 97 applications for top level domain names. Many of them are generics such as .dog and .lol that it plans to offer to the public.

Both jobs are in the San Francisco area.

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  1. Ray Marshall

    Search engines should also respect the intended use of other TLDs, i.e., Google.LA. Will Google accept .NYC for New York City, but, continue to disregard the use of .LA for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area? Only time will tell…

    • Andrew Allemann

      @ Ray Marshall – Google already considers .la a “global” TLD, although I’m not sure that gives it any leg up to searchers in Los Angeles since not all of the domains are related to the city. Some are related to Laos, including Google.la.

      • Ray Marshall

        That’s my point. Google is aiming Google.LA at Laos instead of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Which market offers greater potential both in the short-term and long-term? All you need to do is compare each market’s demographics and GDP. So, I come back to the same question, i.e., will Google continue to snub LA?

        • Andrew Allemann

          I think that’s Google respecting the importance of a country. I wouldn’t expect them to target Google.la to a city. What it has done is make it global so that if someone else wants to use it for Los Angeles they can.

          • Ray Marshall

            The country of Laos assigned the marketing rights such that .LA is now being targeted at that market. As such, I would expect Laos to sell more domains and make more money. Google should respect that arrangement and put “Los Angeles” to the lower-right hand corner of “Google” instead of “Laos”.

  2. Mira

    I guess they will heavily use new the TLDs within Google apps.

    I mean if someone signes up for a google-apps account for the $50 a year, he will be also offered a domain (perhaps discounted or even free). That would be very user friendly, no separate account for a domain, the user won’t need to configure any DNS stuff, etc…

    Same could apply for their blog engine, etc.

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