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30 Community and Limited Public Interest objections withdrawn

30 new top level domain name objections filed with the International Chamber of Commerce have been terminated.

Objectors have withdrawn 30 new TLD objections filed with the International Chamber of Commerce as of yesterday, according to the group’s updated list of objections.

27 are community objections and three are limited public interest objections.

Although some of the objections have been withdrawn because the top level domain application withdrew its application (and thus may have been terminated rather than withdrawn), I suspect most of them are as a result of higher than expected fee estimates provided by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Some objectors are reporting six figure fee estimates per case. For objections to multiple applicants, at least one objector is rumored to be looking at a seven figure bill.

In some ways, the large number of terminated cases is a good sign. Given the amount of work and money required of applicants to defend against a community or limited public interest objection, high fees have perhaps weeded out some of the frivolous filers. It’s a loser pays model, and objectors may have gone back to the applicant guidebook and asked themselves if they really have a chance of winning.

Embedded below is the list of the 30 terminated cases as of August 26.

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