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Google buys AfricaConnected.com domain name from Mike Mann

Search giant acquires domain name from domain investor.

Google has acquired the domain name AfricaConnected.com, likely for its efforts to bring internet access to more people in Africa.

It looks like Google acquired the domain name with the help of Mark Monitor through its NameAdvisers group.

Until July 11, Mike Mann’s Domain Asset Holdings was listed in whois as the owner. Mann runs DomainMarket.com. The whois then switched to NameAdvisers before changing over to Google yesterday.

It appears the domain name was listed for sale for $2,000.

AfricaConnected.org was registered by someone in South Africa in April of this year. ConnectedAfrica.com was registered by someone in Ghana in 2011.

Google is trying to work with governments and regulators in Africa and Southeast Asia to build wireless networks in an effort to bring more people online.

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