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Drone maker spends $300k on domain and Phoenix Suns make hilarious .la domain purchase

Company producing popular drones for hobbyists spends a lot of money on a domain while the Suns get creative with a .la domain name.

This week’s Sedo domain sales list includes a number of good domain sales to “end users”. One is a hot technology company making drones for the hobbyist market. The other was a purchased by the Phoenix Suns that creatively uses the .la domain name.

Chinese company DJI Technology Co bought DJI.com for $300,000. This is a very high price for a three letter domain. But it’s a very welcome development. Each week I see people selling quality three letter domains for $20,000 or so, and I think this is too cheap.

When I saw who the buyer was I did a bit of a double take. They were just featured in the local Austin paper because they have U.S. operations here. They’re big in the hobbyist drone market. Check it out.

As for the Phoenix Suns, the NBA team bought Beat.la for $5,300. GoDaddy just started a marketing push to help brand .la as the domain name for Los Angeles, even though it’s the country code domain for Laos. This is a clever domain for the Suns to drum up their rivalry.

Here are some other end user sales at Sedo from the past week.

UltraWellness, LLC paid $799 for 10daydetox.com.

GUT Auto Center SRL in Romania bought AutoTest.ch for 2,100 EUR.

My Broker Sa in Switzerland bought MyBroker.ch for $990 EUR.

Neo Industries Pty Ltd in Australia bougth NeoTheme.com for $9,000. Its website is NeoIndustries.com.au.

Publishing company SCHWARZERFREITAG Publishing, which owns Plot-Partners.com and PlotPartners.de, bought Plot.org for $800.

You may recall StarFuels from my Afternic list. The energy finance company also bought StarGrains.com for $850.

BASF, the company that doesn’t “make a lot of the products you buy. We make a lot of the products you buy better,” bought Maglis.com for $4,000. It just filed a trademark application on this term for software for agricultural use.

The Royal Bank of Scotland paid $1,800 for WGBank.com.

Forest Laboratories, Inc., owner of FRX.com, bought FRX2.com for $4,500.

Sheffield Blades in Australia bought Sheffield.co for $999 GBP.

Hom Yoga bought HomYoga.com for $5,000. It uses HomYoga.sg.

Laser Spine Institute in Tampa paid $1,500 for LaserBackInstitute.com.

Monster Cable Products, Inc. bought Monster360.com for $5,000.

Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania, which already owns OIP.com, bought OIPIC.com for $1,000.

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