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38 more end user domain sales including some recognizable brands

20th Century Fox among domain name buyers.

Some recognizable brands made domain name purchases at Afternic last week. Here’s the end user sales list.

IMF.com sold for $27,000. Although the whois is protected by a privacy service, the domain now forwards to imf-formacion.com, the web site of Instituto Madrileo de Formacin.

PayHere Payment Services Ltd bought PayHere.net for $3,900. The domain was sold by Tucows’ YummyNames. Marchex owns the .com version.

A guy named Simon Wilson bought SimonW.com for $2,000.

Kansas Leadership Center, a civic leadership development organization, bought ForTheCommonGood.com for $1,888.

Irish marketing company Mace Promotions, which uses MacePromotions.ie, went global with MacePromotions.com for $1,256.

American Plumbing Professionals in Tunnel Hill, Georgia picked up AmericanPlumbing.com for $3,500. This is shorter than its current AmericanPlumbingPros.com domain name.

Supplements company Great HealthWorks bought GAWorks.com for $1,925.

Pacific Dental Services in Irvine paid $2,300 for Smile4.com.

Astis Mittens, maker of some funny looking mittens, shortened from AstisMittens.com to Astis.com for $2,000.

Paladin Medical, Inc. bought PaladinTransfers.com for $1,395.

Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau bought VisitAugusta.com for $1,800.

Tube Technology, maker of The Best Closet Organizer, bought EZShelf.com for $1,195.

Red Ventures bought another domain, TVProviders.com, for $3,388.

Twentienth Century Foxaka 21st Century Fox – bought FoxHD.com for $3,500.

Prestige Boot Camp Ltd bought BootCampTV.com for $4,288. They do not own BookCamp.tv, which is listed for sale for $3,000.

Pharmaceutical advertising firm Juice Pharma bought JuicePulp.com for $5,600.

Superior Tank Co., Inc. in California paid $1,000 for BoltedSteelTanks.com.

Candy company Spangler, maker of Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, and Spangler Candy Canes, bought BusinessCandy.com for $1,000.

Insurance Incorporated in Nashville bought InsuranceIncorporated.com for $1,900. It uses the domain InsuranceInc.net.

Ohio Appalachian Business Council bought APEG.com for $3,666. That stands for Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth.

Interior design studio Millwright Design bought Millwright.net for $1,400.

Fulfillment Service Inc. bought the plural of its existing domain eFulfillmentservice.com for $4,588.

The educational game Space Race bought SpaceRacers.org for $1,200.

Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan upgraded from .org to .com with ConsumersMutual.com for $4,188.

Another upgrade came courtesy of Auto Technology Company, which went from AutoTechnology.net to AutoTechnology.com for $3,000.

PHHP Group Sdn Bhd bought PHHP.com for $4,888. It uses the ccTLD PHHP.com.my.

The owner of Caribbean-Financial.com bought CaribbeanFinance.com for $2,240.

Package design and customized product company CustomFormed Products bought PersonalizedPackaging.com for $1,288.

Law firm Da Vinci Partners bought another domain, Globalpatents.com, for $2,500.

San Antonio co-working/startup center Geekdom bought FoundersVillage.com for $3,300.

Combine World Inc. bought CombineWorld.net for $1,277. It already owns the .com.

OpsTel Service bought Opstel.com for $1,250.

Legal Services Corporation, a non-profit formed by the U.S. Government, bought LegalServices.org for $6,000.

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina bought CLTairport.net for $3,000. It already owns the .com.

Gang Alternative Inc, which is launching a site at MyGangAlternative.com soon, bought Myga.org for $1,088.

Yang’s Martial Arts Association, which already owns YMAA.com, bought YMAA.org for $1,988.

PublicLight USA, which sells and rents LED furniture, bought PublicLight.com for $2,880.

Lifetime Fitness bought LCMedical.com for $1,988.

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  1. ChuckWagen

    Aside from CLTairport.net, 3 grand, hope the seller at least sent them flowers the next day.

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