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24 end user domain name sales up to $28,000

Raw materials company paid $28,000 for shorter domain name.

Afternic had another good sales week. Here are 24 end user domain sales the company facilitated.

Emeraude International, a plastics raw materials company, shortened its domain name to merely Emeraude.com for $28,000.

Luxury retailer Paris Gallery (which is actually located in the Middle East) bought LuxuryClub.com for $25,000.

Pharma company Pro Medico bought Promedico.net for $1,188. It uses Promedico.at, and Promedico.com looks like it’s owned by someone else.

Aspen Estates, Inc. shortened its domain from AspenEstatesInc.com to just AspenEstate.com for just $1,546.

Food company Gomes da Costa, which uses the domain gomesdacosta.com.br, bought the matching .com GomesDaCosta.com for $1,095.

Design firm Belt Collins Hawaii LLC picked up BCHDesign.com for $1,395.

Pacific Mercantile Bank bought PacificBank.com for $3,688.

Brady Services, which sells products including those manufactured by Trane, bought BradyTrane.com for $1,595.

Someone at manufactured housing company Village Homes bought MustangRidge.com for $2,000. Mustang Ridge is the name of the small city outside Austin where the company is located.

TCP Global, seller of paints and coatings, bought CustomCoat.com for $2,000.

Luxury Hotels Corp bought another domain, ParkSuites.com, for $3,288.

AmeriCash Loans, LLC in Des Plaines, Illinois paid $1,850 for CreditBox.com.

Arizona car dealer Auto Action bought AutoAction.net for $2,088. It has been using AutoActionAZ.com.

ASPire Financial Services in Tampa bought AspireOnline.com for $1,500.

North Wilkesboro, North Carolina jeweler Michael Parsons shortened its domain from MichaelsJewelryOnline.com to MichaelsJewelry.com for $1,500.

The Buzz Magazines bought MyBuzzCard.com for $1,000.

Lawton Realty Group in Elmhurst, Illinois bought TheLawtonGroup.com for $3,000.

TimeTrak Systems picked up TimeTrak.net for $1,500 to go with its TimeTrak.com domain.

First PacTrust Bancorp bought SimplyExceptional.com for $1,250.

Game company NextFloor bought NextFloor.com for $13,000 to go along with its NextFloor.co.kr domain.

United States Specialty Sports Association bought AllAmericanTeam.com or $2,088.

MagicFreebiesUK.co.uk shortened its domain to MagicFreebies.com for $1,800.

Used books chain Half Price Books bought HPB.info for $2,888. It already owns HPB.com.

Energy company Atlantic Technologies went global with AtlanticTechnologies.com for $1,500. It uses AtlanticTechnologies.fr for its web address.

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  1. Domo Sapiens says

    not sure if it the first time they beat Sedo for weekly sales, slowly but surely they have come a long ways from the old Afternic.

  2. Marg says

    Well, these sales look a bit meatier than we’ve seen for a while. Interesting the number of exact name matches in the .com that seemed to be on offer. Glad that they were just purchased and not wrestled to the mat waiting for another maybe / maybe not UDRP decision..

  3. Tim says

    I can’t believe how domain owners just give away their domains to these corps.

    They can pay a lot more.

  4. Meyer says

    “just give away their domains to these corps”

    Many of the domains sold were owned by NameMedia. They need to turn inventory to stay very profitable.

    It is easier to sell a new corvette for $ 25k instead of $60k. Especially if the dealer only pays $5k for them.

    As they say in business – “turn inventory”.

  5. jpalomares says


    I own the domain theavengers2themovie.com and am in the process of selling it. At the moment, one person has offered 15K for it. I’m sure I could get a better offer, especially when theavengersthemovie.com directs visitors to marvel.com. Do you think theavengers2themovie.com is worth more than what I’ve been offered? I still have plenty of time to listen and receive other bids considering The Avengers 2 won’t be released until 2015.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  6. jpalomares says

    Just for clarification purposes. Are you saying that it’s not worth more that what was offered?

  7. jpalomares says

    I’ll consult with an attorney before making a decision regarding that domain. Thank you for you feedback.

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