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How to quickly sort through crappy domains on domain name forums

New site extracts domain listings from forums.

Back in the good ole days, domain sales threads on domain forums were full of great domains and big transactions got done.

Business still gets done on domain forums, but you have to weed through a lot of crap to find anything worthwhile.

Enter dnDigger, a site that collates domain listings from forums and lets you quickly sort through them:


It’s an automated system, and it’s not perfect. A number of the domains currently on its home page are mentioned in a “for sale” post as comparable sales, so they aren’t actually for sale.

Yet it’s still helpful (and free), especially because you can add filters (e.g. .com only, 1 word dictionary domains, etc.).

What would be really helpful is if you could add multiple filters at once, such as 1 word + .com.

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  1. Josh says

    Really interesting service. I hope they improve it and start charging a nominal fee, so that it doesn’t get overused.

    An idea for an improvement would be to allow users to search by forum and listing type.

  2. David Gruttadaurio says

    I know there are some gems to be found – but it’s also a major time suck locating them. This is a nice resource with a lot of potential. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alan says

    That’s a great idea. It’s nearly impossible to efficiently look for quality domains for sale on forums. Looks like they have some room for improvement, but a very good start.

  4. DNhow says

    Great tool. It saves a lot of time bouncing back and forth between forums. Another feature would be pagerank because I always look to flip high PR domains.

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