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Microsoft buys ToDoApp.com and 16 other domain name sales

Microsoft and Magazines.com among end user buyers at Sedo last week.

Is Microsoft about to release an organization app a la Evernote and Google’s Keep? It bought ToDoApp.com last week on Sedo. Here are details on that sale and many other end user sales.

Financing First Limited in the United Kingdom bought DentalFinance.co.uk for 1,500 GBP.

Vertical Media, which owns VMPublishing.com, bought VerticalMedia.com for $10,000.

Upperdog Interactive AB, owner of upperdog.se, went global with UpperDog.com for $2,295.

Greentube Internet Entertainment is on a ccTLD hunt. Last week it bought Greentube.jp for EUR 4,000; the previous week it paid 1,500 GBP for Greentube.it.

Jobs Direct Network Limited in London bought uRecruit.co.uk for 3,500 GBP.

Premium Car & Care GmbH in Switzerland bought PremiumCare.ch for EUR 950.

Wegner Enterprises, which runs UK events site NationalEventsGuide.co.uk, bought WhatsOnLondon.co.uk for 800 GBP. It forwards to the other site.

A company that looks like a dropshipping operation bought ShopScrubs.com for $800 and has already set up a site.

IceTour AS in Norway bought IceTour.com for $3,000. It owns the ccTLD IceTour.no.

Loyal International Inc., maker of the Nu-Set Lock, bought Nu-Set.com for $787.

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks bought ASN.biz for $700.

Central Equity Limited in Australia, a developer and property manager in Melbourne, bought CEXPO.com for $1,400.

Discovery Communications has been busy lately. Last week it bought ConspiracyStuff.com for $2,195, it recently also bought HistoryStuff.com for $1,995.

Microsoft bought ToDoApp.com for $4,000.

Mobicar Turismo Ltda. in Brazil bought MobiCars.com for $5,000. It already owns MobiCar.com.br.

Magazines.com bought MagazineSub.com for $1,800.

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  1. DonnyM says

    Micro got todoapp.com. Ok thats fine.
    But some else owns 2doapp.com

    Now when siri starts talking correctly where will it go. Or when even google starts to talk better what will happen.

    I tell ya people buying names with 2 and to, or for and 4 are in for some mass confusion. Unless you own straight up numbers stay away from letter and number combos.

    also possible udrp with this.

    Just my thoughts.
    Happy Days


  2. Mirza says

    Nice buy for Microsoft. I wonder if they used an agent to broker the deal as anyone contacting the seller directly on behalf of Microsoft would instantly trigger an increase in price.

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