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14 end user domain sales from Sedo

End users including Taser snap up domain names.

Last week’s Sedo end user sales report is late because I was at the TRAFFIC conference last week. Afternic skipped last week and is doubling up on its report this week, so expect a long Afternic report on Wednesday.

IFN.com, the same company that previously bought LiveAgent.co.uk for 1,100 GBP, bought Communicate.co.uk for 10,000 GBP.

UK insurance seller Neilson Financial Services bought InsuranceLine.co.uk for 1,250 GBP.

GED Testing Service LLC, part of Pearson, bought MarchWithUs.com for $1,295.

Investment company Legatum bought GiveAmerica.com for $1,500 and the .net and .org versions for $700 each.

Online gambling company MicroGaming bought TheMPN.com for $1,000. That stands for Microgaming Poker Network (MPN).

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology paid $5,000 for LJI.org. That’s shorter than its existing LIAI.org domain name.

The owner of luxurywatch.ch paid $820 for Luxury-Watch.com. The company appears to own or lease LuxuryWatch.com as well.

TASER International bought TaserTraining.com for $5,500.

Pathfinder App LLC, which owns PathFinderApp.co, bought PathfinderApp.com for 1,000 EUR.

Kitchen appliance company Bora bought Bora.info for $1,849. It uses Boragmbh.com as its domain; Bora.com has the same owner as Bora-Bora.com and is used as a travel site.

Concierge service company LesConcierges bought 360Concierge.com for $1,250.

Tech consulting firm Phoenix Technologies dropped the hyphen from its domain name, picking up PhoenixTechnologies.com for $3,499.

Automotive internet marketing firm Dealer Online Marketing bought DOM360.com for $2,500.

The New Zealand company that owns ABSdirect.net bought 30seconds.com for 19,400. I wonder if ABS stands for abdominals?

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