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Girl.me gets $30,000 bid at Sedo

An eye-popping price tag, but many .me domains have sold in this price range.

The domain name Girl.me has a $30,000 offer at Sedo and has been sent to an auction.

Although errant bids sometimes occur on Sedo, my guess is this is legit.

In order to place a bid of $10,000 or more you need to submit a number of documents, including a bank statement or utility bill and a copy of a government issued photo ID.

Besides, $30,000 for Girl.me isn’t an outlier.

True, most .me domains that sell for prices like this play off of the .me extension, such as join.me, call.me, and like.me.

But others that don’t take advantage of .me have sold in this price range, including app.me, cruise.me hotel.me, and cloud.me.

The auction ends June 4.

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  1. Cruise.me says

    …although, there is an alternate use for cruise.me that would place it into the exclusive [verb].me grouping (a.k.a. the “play off of the .me extension” group).

    As per TheFreeDictionary.com:

    (Slang) (vb)
    a. To look in (a public area) for a sexual partner.
    b. To seek out and make a sexual overture to.

    Hmmmm … let’s hope the planned ‘Intelligent Cruise [Ship] Search’ site succeeds!


  2. Steven says

    Girl.Me is a decent domain but it just doesn’t make sense compared to .Me domains that flow such as BidOn.Me, Undress.Me, WillYouMarry.Me etc…
    I have a few .Me domains though so I am glad they are going for such a high price!!

  3. ATLAS.ME says

    Me is definitely number one choice for start ups, both personalized, and mobile oriented. See for example about.me, tango.me, couple.me …

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