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Must reads: a pro who’s eager to sell domains, a charity auction, and a smart rebrand

Eric Borgos on why he’s selling domains, help the tornado victims, and a “cool” rebranding.

Igloo.comHere are a few domain stories I read today that I think are worth reading.

Eric Borgos has published an interesting perspective about 10 Reasons Why I Am Eager To Sell My Domains. Last year Borgos’ company had sales of $1.25 million, and domain sales were the company’s largest source of income.

Elliot Silver, DomainBoardroom.com, and Escrow.com have teamed up for a charity auction to benefit Oklahoma tornado victims. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross in Oklahoma City. Items in the auction include domain names as well as an SEO audit by Bill Hartzer, a gift certificate to Bobbleheads.com, and a guest post on ElliotsBlog. Bidding takes place via comments on the blog post, so Elliot is going to have fun keeping track of this one.

Kudos to Domain Advisors for rebranding as Igloo.com. Whenever I saw an email or tweet from Domain Advisors, I had to think about who was behind the company. Domain Advisors or Domain Holdings? If Domain Holdings, which of the two companies named that? Or is it one of the other many companies with Domain + some common term? Igloo.com is memorable and shows that the company “gets” domains.

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  1. Adam says

    What happened to using a good generic domain that says exactly what you do ?

    I think you should rebrand too Andrew. . . too many “domain name something” blogs, which is this one again ?

  2. Chad F says

    DomainAdvisor.com (not DomainAdvisors.com) was a position I took with the domain in 1999 so was curious as to why now Igloo would pick the plural without consulting with me first. As proud cofounder of Domain Holdings,I was happy to send the spill over traffic to the best premium domain company in the world, Domain Holdings. We love and respect domain companies and want to work with everyone as this is OUR industry and hope the best for Igloo and the new brand.

  3. Eric Borgos says

    I have done business with both Domain Advisors and Domain Holdings over the years and still have no idea which is which. So, a domain name change was a good idea.

  4. 18012 says

    I’m an 18 year domainer also ; I’ve never been more pumped up about the market and the future. I can totally understand Eric’s viewpoint though.

    I suspect Eric has gotten burned out some. I’ve been there. You have to take breaks because working on the computer relentlessly like we all do takes it’s toll on your mind, energy levels, spirit, etc… It appears that he may have been one of the hardest working domainers in the business from the levels of output he accomplished.

    I’ve found when I take a break, three weeks or longer, I come back almost dying to get back into the mix again. It’s too much fun, especially those times when sales just keep coming in one after another. When it’s dry is when it’s less exciting, obviously, but things are still looking rosy for me. I’ve been doing some fat and lean lease deals, making some fat sales, and revenue in parking is holding up very well. Some domains, especially top-tier generic doamins are even seeing an increase in traffic, contrary to what some domainers are reporting.

    All this new talk about new gTLDs will bring in more .com investors. It’s opposite of what all the scared people are saying. It will lift .com with the rising tide, and all the other extensions that make it, if any. Great times ahead, just my take.

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