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What domains P&G, Univision, and 22 other end users bought last week

P&G in France, Univision, and a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate among big name buyers at Afternic last week.

Afternic sold just over $1 million in domains last week. The highest sale was FreeBackup.com, which was purchased by a direct response company.

Direct response company Fiorentino Media bought FreeBackup.com for $45,000.

California grocery store Los Olivos Grocery bought LosOlivosGrocery.com for $1,477.

Bio Herbal Tech, seller of pills that it says help you lose weight, bought SkinnyHabits.com for $1,000.

New Jersey company Healthcare Referral Networks bought PracticeAcquisition.com for $1,888.

DMR Partners, which stands for Digital Media Roundtable Partners, bought DigitalMediaReview.com for $1,195.

Animal Imaging Partners in Wexford, Pennsylvania paid $2,000 for VeterinaryMRI.com.

Financial company Market Shield Capital bought HomeEquityExchange.com for $3,788.

Breitling Energy bought EnergyProperty.com for $1,036.

ErgoSeat, a Swedish company that designs seats for buses, trucks, etc., bought ErgoSeat.com for $4,188 to go along with its Ergoseat.se domain.

This is interesting: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota bought JustSkipIt.com for $2,488.

Lab equipment company Nova-Tech International, Inc. bought NTIUSA.com for $5,088.

Irish company Paramount Packaging Ltd paid $1,200 for ParamountPackaging.com.

Celebrate Your Faith, seller of religious products, bought CircleofFaith.com for $1,388.

Safety Canada Limited bought SafetyCanada.com for $1,495.

Knoxville, Tennessee dentist Stephen Malone paid $1,900 for KnoxvilleDentist.com. Seems like a good deal.

Univision bought EuphoriaMusic.com for $2,996.

Patent law firm Da Vinci Partners in Switzerland bought Patent24.com for $2,500.

Berry Fresh Produce LLC in Long Beach picked up BerryFresh.net for $2,000. It already owns the .com.

Thrifty Nickel Ads, LLC recently bought AmericanClassifieds.net for $1,846. Last week it bought ThriftyNickel.org for $1,750.

Talk about a necessary domain upgrade: Face the Future, a group dedicated forest projects to combat climate change, upgraded from Face-TheFuture.com to FaceTheFuture.com for $1,725.

There’s an industry group for everything. The Society for Protective Coatings bought Coatings.org for $16,000.

IT company Network Guidance 2.0 bought NG2.com for $2,000. Nice buy.

A Coldwell Banker real estate agent bought LakeTahoeReal-Estate.com for $1,700. Wow.

I like this one. Radisson Hacienda Cancun bought MargaritasCancun.com for $1,477.

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  1. Jagan

    Thank you Andrew for posting the weekly end user sales.
    Can you tell which website listed the site KnoxvilleDentist.com for sale?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Frantisek Mrazek

    But for these sales at these prices there are still hundreds of emails where buyer was angry “what ? Thousand dolars ? LOL who is going to give you that ?”

    I am getting these replies all the time, just delete them with a smile, no reply of course.

    The point is you might think is cheap, but out still big majority of people who believe they should pay no more than $10 for a domain name.

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