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While you were registering Boston Bombings domains, smart people were registering internet tax domains

Current trends can make for good domain registrations. Just not all of them.

I’m always baffled by the number of people that rush to register domains related to current (and horrific) events such as the Boston marathon bombings. First, it’s tasteless. Second, it’s not like they’re ever going to sell these domains, which presumably is their reason for registering them.

Yet there are current events that make it worth registering domains…

Soon U.S. online retailers of a certain size will be forced to collect and remit sales tax to the many jurisdictions across the country. Much like with payroll administration, most online businesses (especially small ones) will turn to third party companies to handle the calculations and payments.

Last week, as the internet sales tax bill was talked about more in press, people got busy registering relevant domains, such as FileStateSalesTax.com, InternetSalesTaxFiling.com, FileMySalesTaxes.com, and SalesTaxPayments.com.

True, those on the ball registered domains like these long ago. But last Monday there were 26 .com registrations including the term “salestax”. On Tuesday thee were 41. (These numbers are small compared to domains registered that relate to the Boston Bombings, I might add.)

These domains may have value some day. Even soon. Unlike domain names registered to capitalize on the death and dismemberment of others.

(Hat tip: Lean Domain Search)

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