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Electronic Arts buys BF4.com for Battlefield 4 (and other end user sales)

Electronic Arts among the big name buyers at Sedo last week.

Sedo had some big sales last week, including Moms.com for $252,000. The whois record for Moms.com still shows Sedo, so we don’t yet know how bought the domain. Here are some of Sedo’s other end user sales last week.

Electronic Arts bought BF4.com for $9,000, which is short for its Battlefield 4 game.

Australian wedding site EasyWeddings.com.au bought EasyWeddings.co.uk for $1,250.

Spy equipment site Spy.bg bought Spy.eu for 1,500 GBP.

Local World Limited, publisher of the Nottingham Post, bought NottinghamPost.com for 850 GBP.

Ticket To Heaven A/S, which runs clothing site Ticket Outdoor, bought t2h.com for $4,001.

Australian company Global Pumps bought GlobalPumps.com for $1,999. It uses the .com.au version of this.

Red Ventures bought another domain – FloridaHomeSecurity.com – for $899.

Consulting firm Olive Grove Consulting bought TheOliveGrove.com for $1,000.

Brazilian fabrics and packaging company Évora, which recently changed its name from Petropar, bought Evora.com for $94,000.

ChatThreads, which measures how brand interactions lead to purchases, bought Purchased.com for $X.

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  1. Jacek says

    A domainer never knows. Recently (counting on making a quick sale to probably another domainer which probably accounts for 90% of all sales) I sold a .com game related domain name for peanuts (a few hundred euros)only to find out that the buyer was the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of a huge company
    Any advice on how to avoid such sales? The price was set as “buy now” type

  2. Jacek says

    yes I would and I should be as the times are really tough. I do realize its not making me look good whining about it but on the other hand I haven’t had much of experience as a domainer and that’s why I’d just like to make the most possible out of the few sales that I make occasionally. I always wonder what’s the max price I can ask? I doubt I’d have the nerve to ask for $450k for meet.me having paid $8.5k for it unless I knew who am I making the deal with

    • Andrew Allemann says

      @ Jacek – The only way you can ask something like $450k for meet.me is if you’re OK missing out on a lower value sale. I’d take the money you made from this sale, keep at it, and then maybe some day you’ll start asking $450k for a domain.

      For the record, I’ve never asked that much 🙂

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