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Go Daddy Auctions sells 39,488 domains in April

Go Daddy Auctions sold close to 40,000 domains last month.

Go Daddy has updated its Domain Market Report to reflect April numbers.

In total, Go Daddy Auctions sold 39,488 domains during the month. This number is typically revised up after the initial report. In March Go Daddy sold 43,409 domains.

The top ten sales last month were:

seeq.com $33,000 – bought by a company in stealth mode. Afternic listing.
thetoystore.com $18,000
staycation.com $16,667 – a valuable domain for the local tourism industry. Buyer is protected by whois proxy.
type2diabetes.net $14,499 – buyer creates medical discussion communities. It owns Migraine.com, MultipleSclerosis.net, and RheumatoidArthritis.net. Sedo Marketplace listing.
globalpetro.com $14,000
nses.com $12,500
safrat.com $11,800
hawaiianamanagement.com $11,000
imedicus.com $10,000
starbaby.com $10,000 – bought by Shanghai Starbaby Network Technologies Co., Ltd.

20,529 domains were sold in auctions and 18,172 were buy-now transactions. 787 sales were the result of negotiations.

The most common term in sold domains was “Online”, followed by “home”.

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  1. todd says

    If 20,529 names were sold through Godaddy auctions I would assume that these are the 700 or 800 that are in auction and bought everyday by domainers with 1 or 2 bids. So the rest are the buy now and negotiation sales that total 18,959 and these I would think are sales to end users so bottom line if I am reading this correctly I would come to the conclusion that end users use the “Buy Now” option 95% of the time. Yes or No?

    • Andrew Allemann says

      Todd, I think you’re reading the numbers wrong.

      39,488 total sold by Go Daddy Auctions

      Of those:
      20,529 domains were sold in auctions (i.e. multiple bidders)
      18,172 were buy-now transactions
      787 sales were the result of offers and negotiation

  2. todd says

    I am reading the numbers right. What I am trying to get at is.

    1. If 20,529 domains were sold in auction wouldn’t you assume these are bought by domainers and not end users? I don’t know of one end user that even understands the auction process at Godaddy much less will sit through the auction process. So these 20,000 I would take out of the equation because they were not bought by end users and a $12, $20, $50, sale through Godaddy auctions should not count as an end user sale anyway.

    2. I would think that between the 18,172 buy nows and the 787 negotiable sales which total together 18,959 would be considered actual “End User Sales” and when you only use these sales the total of End users using the “Buy Now” option equals 95%.

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