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Marchex sells 50 domains for $1.4 million – here are the top 20

Company reports improved domain name sales compared to previous quarter.

Marchex’s Archeo, Inc. sold 50 domains in the first quarter of this year for a total of $1.4 million.

Archeo, Inc. is the domain name division of Marchex, which the company hopes to soon spin off into its own publicly traded company.

The results were much better than in Q4 2012, when the company sold 31 domains for $863,000. The average price per sale was about the same in both quarters, at roughly $27,000-$28,000.

The company also released a list of the top 20 sales it made during the quarter, although sans prices.

1. Swash.com
2. Aprons.com
3. ProLabs.com
4. Ideally.com
5. Colette.com
6. AffordableInsurance.com
7. ProTrader.com
8. WebFleet.com
9. GlobalJourney.com
10. DreamProducts.com
11. IraqiDinar.com
12. APNetwork.com
13. OnlyMoney.com
14. MovingDirectory.com
15. BusinessMan.com
16. CoolGift.com
17. WebWatcher.com
18. Hakka.com
19. Poliya.com
20. Diatomaceousearth.com

Notice the #1 sale? That’s an interesting one.

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  1. Rick Schwartz

    Nice to know that P&G finally did the right thing.

    But for doing the wrong thing FIRST, P&G will forever be known as a company that has engaged in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and when that did not work, actually had to BUY the property is was trying to hijack.

    So a good conclusion and let’s hope others follow suit or they too will wear the name tag of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Point to this case to show the consequences of RDNH.

  2. John

    How much did it cost the Swash guys to defend themselves against P&G’s first move & what did it sell for?
    How much did IraqiDinar.com sell for?

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