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GFA.com leads Afternic auction on SnapNames

Lots of good domains in auction ending Friday.

Afternic is running another auction on the SnapNames platform and it’s attracting lots of bidders.

The auction includes 136 domains with reserve ranges starting as low as $200 to as high as $250,000. It ends on Friday.

As of right now the three letter domain GFA.com has the highest bid at $11,249. The reserve has been met.

Also keep an eye on sweat.com. It has been bid up to $7,750, but the reserve is between $10,000-$25,000.

The two domains with the highest reserves are MountainBiking.com and Actors.com, both of which are above $100,000.

Here are some domains in the auction that are worth considering:


Complimentary.com – Would make for a great free stuff site, if only people could spell it correctly.

Fascinating.com – Great, memorable domain with many uses.

Spitball.com – Like Fascinating.com, there are so many ways to brand this domain. Definitely worth the reserve to an end user; might be too much for a domainer.


RewardsPrograms.com – A big category, although I’d also want RewardPrograms.com.

WorkersRights.com – Calling all labor unions and employment lawyers…


FileProtect.com – Good security and storage domain.

MobileRental.com – I like domains with “mobile” in them because it’s both a term and a city. I once sold a domain with Mobile in it where I registered it based on the city, but the person wanted it for the idea of a mobile service.

MomChat.com – a perfect forum name.

NapaGuide.com – Good tour/directory site.

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