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Home Depot buys ThrilloftheGrill.com from Mike Mann for $30,000

A big domain sale to a big company is among Sedo’s highlights this past week.

Earlier this month Mike Mann posted on his Facebook page that he sold the domain ThrillOfTheGrill.com for a sizzling $30,000.

Now the sale through partner Sedo has gone through and we know who the buyer is: Home Depot.

Here are other sales to end users that Sedo reported this week:

Leap Legal Software bought Leap.co.uk for $5,000.

J2 Global, parent company of eFax.com, bought eFax.gr for $1,200.

Amira Foods in India bought Amira.net for $4,500.

Association for Computing Machinery paid $1,200 for AppCollege.com

The owner of PicTourist.me bought the matching .com PicTourist.com for $1,000.

The Roanoke Times bought SWVARent.com, which presumably means “Southwest Virginia Rent”, for $1,000.

Internet development company Advanced Video Communications bought CloudHome.com for $4,869.

The United Nations’ Development Programme bought PNUD.org for $1,749.

RealTech Solutions Limited went global with RealTechSolutions.com for $3,000. Its web address is RealTechSolutions.co.uk.

Talk about a nice upgrade. Game developer Refract Studios owns RefractStudios.com but bought Refract.com for $1,700.

New York City automotive repair shop NYC Tire and Auto Care paid $795 for NYCAutoParts.com.

BC The Mag, a publication for Bergen County in New Jersey, bought NJDining.com for $3,500.

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  1. jp says

    Now that is a great sale. Goes to show if you get an inquiry on a brandable you should always ask a strong price even though it may be the only buyer in the world that would want it. Thing is you can be pretty sure the domain matches their idea and they want it.

  2. Ron says

    If any of you domain investors were as smart as mm you would know to check recent tm’s, as mm did just that seeing hd did file in 2012.

  3. Josh says

    Nice flip, congrats. Curious why he had a feeling to buy it just about 6 months ago though…that is some foresight lol

  4. John says

    ThrillofTheGrill appeared to have TM’s on it or had them on it
    If one is skilled at that game thru experience and competent legal console and able to make money doing it – Salute
    Nice Sale

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