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23 end user domain name sales

Buyers include two public companies.

Here is a list of end user domain sales through the Afternic platform last week.

Onesta Restaurant Consultants paid $1,488 for RestaurantAdvisors.com

Ottawa landscaping company Instant Lawns bought InstantLawns.com for $3,500 to go with its InstantLawns.ca domain name.

Online fundraising service YouCaring.com paid $1,500 for HeroPages.com

Event and travel company Wyndham Jade bought RoomLogic.com for $1,500.

Documentary film maker Lone Wolf Documentary Group bought LoneWolfMedia.com for $1,600. It’s web address is LoneWolfDG.com.

Now this was a much needed upgrade: SSP Stainless Steel Fittings has been using MySSPUSA.com. It just bought MySSP.com for $1,395.

The owner of QuizGroup.ru went global with QuizGroup.com for $2,795.

Marketing company Red Ventures, which is no stranger to the domain aftermarket, bought CaliforniaHomeSecurity.com for $1,088.

Health insurance technology company Connecture bought SimplyHealth.org for $3,477.

Product sourcing company Logic Source paid $1,032 for SmarterSourcing.com.

Kansas City concrete company Artistic Concrete Surfaces bought ArtisticConcreteSurfaces.com for $1,288. It has been using KansasCityConcrete.com, which is a great domain.

Integrated Card Service picked up MerchantServiceSolutions.com for $1,288.

The University of Tennessee bought OnMyOwn.org for $1,788. I bet it’s for this.

Hansens Bakery Inc baked RyeBreads.com for $1,200.

Genesco, the $1.5 billion company behind Journey’s, Dockers Footwear, and Hat World, paid $1,675 for YourJourneys.com.

The owner of TheEditLab.com bought EditLab.com for $1,500.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns bought DemandAction.com for $3,888. It has been using DemandaPlan.org/com for one of its campaigns.

Work incentives/gamification company Hoopla Software bought SalesContests.com for $1,097.

Go Green Enterprises Inc, which owns PlumbersStock.com, bought SWPlumbing.com for $X.

Tech PR company Vantage Communications bought VantagePR.com. That’s a lot better than its hyphenated PR-Vantage.com domain.

eGain Communications Corp, which sells collaboration tools, bought eGain.org for $2,588. It’s web address is eGain.com and the company has a market cap of about $200 million.

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation has been using SaveOurLake.org to get the word out. Now it owns SaveOurCoast.com for just $1,095.

SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation paid $1,188 for SpecialCare.net.

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  1. David Gruttadaurio says

    Please keep these coming, Andrew. This info is incredibly valuable. It tells us the realistic value of domains plus what end users want – it points domain investors in directions we never would have considered. Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Donny says

    Nice work. Takes time to check all these out. What I like is the geo market is just barely starting to take off.


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