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Best of the Web Cyber Monday deal: 50% off

A good Cyber Monday deal for web site publishers.

I’m sure there’s a lot of debate in SEO circles these days about the benefits of submitting your web sites to paid directories.

Two that I’ve always considered for my new sites are Yahoo! Directory and Best of the Web.

Both charge submission fees. The theory is that, in the eyes of search engines, these submission fees indicate that sites in these directories are “real”.

After all, you’re not going to spend hundreds of dollars per site submitting multiple splogs to a directory — especially when the directory might reject your submission.

As I mentioned, the downside is steep fees. Best of the Web usually charges $149 for an annual listing and $299 for a lifetime listing.

That makes the site’s Cyber Monday deal pretty sweet: half off.

Today if you use the coupon code CYBER50 you’ll get an annual listing for $75 or a lifetime listing for $150. Pretty good deal.

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