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Inventa tries to invent its own view of UDRP (but loses)

Company makes some big leaps in claiming Inventa.com domain name is cybersquatting.

A World Intellectual Property Organization UDRP panel has just handed down a decision over the domain name Inventa.com.

The complaint was brought by Inventa International Group.

The owner of the domain is an apparently defunct U.S. technology consulting company called Inventa Technologies, Inc.

Inventa Technologies registered the domain name in 1995 and set up its company. It filed for a trademark in 1996.

It appears Inventa may have closed up shop, as it subsequently let its trademark registration and business registration lapse.

It’s clear that the respondent wasn’t cybersquatting in this case and registered the domain name for its own business.

So Inventa International had to “invent” some clever arguments.

First, it argued that the respondent’s latest renewal of the domain name should count as the registration date for the purposes of UDRP.

Uh, riiight.

Next is a crazy assertion that a truly hope is just the panelist’s paraphrasing of the complainant’s position:

the disputed domain name was registered for a dishonest purpose which is the wasting of the Internet since the website is being passively held;

The only thing “dishonest” here is Inventa International Group’s assertions in the case.

Obviously, Inventa International lost the case.

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  1. Khalan

    This just goes to show how important having a short, pronounceable, .com domain is to businesses.

    However, the real mystery here is why the company appears to have registered inventa-international.com instead of inventainternational.com when the latter is currently available.

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