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InteriorDesign.com hit with UDRP

Valuable generic hit with UDRP.

Another day, another amazing UDRP filing.

This time it’s for InteriorDesign.com, which is owned by P. A. Gordon in Guam.

Gordon owns some spectacular domain names, including Laptops.com, Getaway.com, Profit.com, Italy.com, Denmark.com, Netherlands.com, and Venezuela.com.

It appears Gordon is the original registrant of the domain from 1997; at a minimum historical whois records show the registrant hasn’t changed since at least 2000.

I can’t find any records of previous UDRPs being filed against this domain owner.

The case was filed at National Arbitration Forum (NAF). NAF does not publish the name of the complainant until a case is decided, so it’s unclear who is behind this dispute. I contacted the domain owner yesterday for details but have not heard back.

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  1. Dominio says

    Sounds like a real domain thief hiding in the bushes has sprung out.

    That’s like me suing someone because they own a car. It does not make sense.

  2. Lance says

    Ridiculous how generic domains are not safe from UDRP’s. Any win on a generic in favor of the complainant sets case history in paving path for future illigitamate UDRP’s.

  3. James says

    Hopefully, the decision be swift and decisive in favor of the defendant. Imagine waking up one morning and finding yourself needing to defend against such nonsense?

  4. Steve says

    More nonsense from a broken system. Until there is a SEVERE penalty for reverse high-jacking this will continue. It’s obvious the udrp system is corrupted in favour of these ridiculous complainants.
    Wasn’t there an article somewhere mentioning the consulting services some of these arbitrators offer on the side for people looking to steal generic domains?
    Hopefully more and more scumbags will get put on the wall of shame with that pinhead from South America so the world can see what lowlifes they really are!!

  5. Domainer Dan says

    The concept of Adverse Possession is sorely needed in the domain name world.

    If you have owned a domain name, open and notoriously for 7 years(ie, with correct contact info on WHOIS), then you should be the de facto owner of the domain name. PERIOD. End of discussion. It is wrong for some greaseball with $1500 to come along 18 years later and try to claim it as his in the hopes that it will get handed over. Yeah, in theory the Claimant should lose, but the Respondent will now have to shell out some big bucks for legal representation and fees; and, presently, there is no way for him to recover that expense. Also, the Caimant can file for reverse hijacking, but there will be no monetary judgement associated with a victory. That and $1 will get you on the subway.

    Bad system. Needs to be fixed soon. This type of frivolous “nothing to lose – but tons to gain” udrp litigation is gonna get worse.

  6. Liz says

    All of the comments we’ve read so far are right on, but domainers have been saying this for years.
    So why can’t we fix it (generics & long term registration protections, no reverse hijacking, reimbursements for lawyers fees, etc?)

    Domainer Dan nails it as the system gives thieves “nothing to lose – but tons to gain”

  7. Acro says

    As I posted at TheDomains.com, the holders of the .net own a registered trademark and a publication. I believe it’s them.

  8. UDRPtalk says

    @John – Are you saying that because they use it as a brand of magazine, they enjoy additional rights which can trump its descriptiveness?

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