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Penn State belatedly registers domains for “Faces of Penn State” campaign

Penn State registers domain name for sensitive PR campaign…after news of the campaign already hit the press.

Penn StateIf you’re a PR firm releasing a very sensitive campaign for a client, you better make sure to register the appropriate domain names ahead of time

Over the weekend Pennsylvania State University kicked off its “Faces of Penn State” campaign, designed to move the university forward after the sex abuse scandal. And it looks like Penn State did register domain names for its new “Faces of Penn State” campaign, but not until news of the new campaign had already hit the press.

At least two publications wrote about the university’s “Faces of Penn State” campaign several days before the university or Edelman got around to registering related domain names.

Here are the domain names the company registered — but not until August 30.


It also registered the .net and .org versions of these names.

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