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.TV and .Me among two dozen end user domain sales this week

.tv, .me, and a slurl.

This week a .tv and a .me domain were amongst the best end user domain name sales.

But before we get into this week’s normal end user sales report, I want to call out a Slurl.

Divorce Detox bought the domain name divorcetherapist.com for $995 at Sedo.

Now, maybe it’s because of all the media attention to “legitimate rape” this week, but the first thing I read was “Divorce the Rapist dot com”.

Therapist is a common slurl word, but this one seems particularly troubling.

OK, here are the rest of the sales:


PatientLink, which uses MyPatientLink.com and previously bought MyLink.org for $3,288, returned to the aftermarket to buy PatientLinks.com for $1,388. Unfortunately another company uses PatientLink.com.

Heritage College, a medical assistant school, bought ItIsAmazing.com for $1,200. I’m not sure what it plans to do with the domain name but I can see how an educational institution can use this domain.

Boardhost, provider of free online forums, paid $1,200 for QuizServer.com. Free online quizzes?

This is interesting. HP just bought TwoSmiles.com for $1,795. It’s not registered through its IP department, so maybe it’s just an employee working on something small.

Promotional products seller Image is Everything, Inc. picked up LuxuryGiftsOnline.com for $4,800.

Globalization alert: Germany’s Accidenta uses Accidenta.de but just paid $1,500 for Accidenta.com.

Loan documents company Document Systems, Inc., bought FreeSign.com for $5,000. One of its products is eSigning.

The owner of TheStoneCollection.com followed Facebook’s lead: “drop the the”. It bought StoneCollection.com for $5,000.

You should drop the “now”, too… Surplus Furniture & Mattress uses SurplusFurnitureNow.com but just bought the better domain SurplusFurniture.com for $5,000.

Healthcasts, a private digital television network for physicians and healthcare professionals, bought OurHealthMatters.com for $2,500.

Lavadene Hair Extensions paid $2,477 for HairExtensionsClipIn.com. How’s that for a mouthful?

University of Colorado‘s Health Care Policy and Research group bought ChangeLeaders.org for $1,500.

The owner of Designrecruiter.com paid $1,292.20 for DesignFreelancers.com. A great domain, especially at this price.

Appraisers Association of America, Inc. bought AppraisersAssociation.com for $1,188.

This is kind of interesting. Australian music festival Splendour in the Grass owns SplendourInTheGrass.com. But that British ‘u’ must have thrown some people off, so it bought SplendorInTheGrass.com for $1,750.

Live It Up Foundation bought LiveItUp.org for $1,888.

Sunglass seller RaveShades.com bought CustomEyez.com for $3,077.


TechReport.com has a blog call “The Damage Report”. The author calls his workspace “Damage Labs”. The publisher just paid $3,200 for DamageLabs.com.

Sports betting data company Sports Insights, Inc. bought SportsbookInsider.com for $2,500.

Falcon Steel Company bought FalconPC.com for $977.

More on Australian domain names: Ruraldoc.com.au bought Ruraldoc.com for $2,800.

Video licensing and distribution company Grab Networks bought Grab.tv for $4,000. Its main web site is GrabNetworks.com. Great move, even if it turns out to just be a defensive buy.

Dating site Plenty of Fish bought POF.me for $8,000.

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  1. DR.DOMAIN says


    NEVER let anybody in the gaming industry get off that easy.Burns my bacon reading about that sale. 🙂

    Love that FREESIGN.COM sale.

    Both CLIPIN.COM and CLIPINS.COM are just parked pages.Women would know exactly what you’re talking about if you just said those phrases.Which is why I scratch my head at that Lavadene purchase. (?)

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