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Romney-Ryan domain names snapped up in a hurry

Republican ticket follows patterns for domain name registration.

Whenever there’s a big political announcement we tend to see people register related domain names.

Mitt Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate is one example.

Since June 2012, Go Daddy says more than 1,600 domain names were registered with the registrar containing Mitt Romney and or Paul Ryan.

While many of these were surely registered in the past week when Ryan was named, someone had the foresight to register RomneyRyan.com back in 2010. It’s up for sale on Flippa.

Go Daddy also compared registration data from the two election campaign periods — June 1, 2008 – Aug. 13, 2008 and June 1, 2012 – Aug. 13, 2012.

In 2008, the company searched for variations of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Joe McCain and Sarah Palin. In 2012 it searched for variations of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

So far 2012 looks very different from 2008, but there may be a good reason for that.

In 2008 Obama/Biden led McCain/Palin in related domain name registrations 75% to 25% respectively.

In 2012 Romney/Ryan lead Obama/Biden in related domain name registrations 51% to 49% (Obama/Biden includes domain names still active from the 2008 election cycle).

So why the swing? It may have something to do with Sarah Palin not being named to the ticket until the end of August in 2008.

I’m not a political pundit, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Alan says

    Playing “hardball” with the Romney campaign and almost trying to blackmail them into buying it is not a good sales strategy.

  2. fizz says

    Although not as good as RomneyRyan.com but could get some traffic for one of the political camps: RyanRomney.com has been in redemption period at GoDaddy since 27 July.

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