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ICANN considering single batch for evaluation, but not for release of new TLDs

New TLDs will still be metered even if evaluated in one batch.

ICANN is seeking community input on its latest ideas for how to batch new top level domain names.

In its call for comments, it states that it still plans to limit the addition of new top level domains to the root to 1,000 per year. It also wants to spread the additions to the root out over time rather than adding 1,000 at once.

The group says that it has the capabilities to evaluate all 1,930 applications in one batch, with the evaluation concluding in June-July 2013. If it did that, then we’d potentially see new TLDs added to the root in Q3 of 2013.

But a single evaluation batch still doesn’t resolve the issue of only adding 1,000 domains in a year, so it’s asking for community input on how to handle that. It’s also changing the terminology a bit, throwing in the term “metering” instead of batching. L.A. drivers know all about metering as they try to enter a highway. I suspect many groups will call for about 80 or so to be added to the root per month.

I expect plenty of self serving comments to be submitted. Hopefully someone will also come up with a fair and executable idea.

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  1. ALAC To ICANN Board

    *At-Large Advisory Committee Statement** to the ICANN Board *

    *on Prioritization of Internationalized Domain Names in the New Generic Top
    Level Domain Program*

    * *

    *The At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) *notes with concern that
    Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Top Level Domains represent only 6% of
    the total application for ICANN’s new* *generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). We
    urge the ICANN Board to prioritize and expedite the evaluation and
    processing of IDNs in the new gTLD program based on the following rationale:

    · Globalization is a key strategic priority for ICANN. IDN
    prioritization presents an opportunity for ICANN to enhance its engagement
    and outreach to Internet users and expand consumer choice, which serve the
    global public interest.

    · IDN prioritization is crucial for enhancing diversity and
    multilingualism on the Internet. The implementation of IDNs in a world
    that is multilingual and multicultural makes the Internet more inclusive
    and representative of the world that we live in.

    · The IDN Top Level Domain applications are distinct in that they are
    generally not driven by business opportunities and require supportive
    policy and encouragement. The market for IDNs needs to be nurtured
    carefully for future growth. The small number of applications should not
    be interpreted as a lack of user demand for IDNs. Rather, it makes evident
    that market forces at the registry level alone is insufficient, and that
    the advancement of IDN gTLDs requires supportive policy implementation at
    ICANN. The successful implementation of IDN TLDs will gradually create
    visibility for IDNs, which will eventually stimulate demand among
    communities who would otherwise be marginalized.

    · Other points?

  2. JamesD

    By the very nature of the beast, all comments will be self serving…or else why would anyone bother? No-one is going to put forth an argument against what they want to see.

    • Andrew Allemann

      @ JamesD – it’s true that every argument will be what people want to see, but there are lots of disinterested (i.e. no financial benefit) people who participate in the ICANN process.

  3. equalizer

    When do you see them “realistically” available to the general public either to purchase or register?

    If the results are out by July 2013 …

  4. equalizer

    I think you are being overly optimistic …
    but regardless late 2013 to early 2014 it’s a long time from now (nearly year and half) and there is no telling what other mishaps ICANN has in store.


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