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What domains Major League Baseball and NBC bought last week

MLB, NBC, and 14 other end users recently purchased.

I just got back from vacation in San Francisco. Since I only have one whitelisted IP address to hit Go Daddy’s servers for whois request (and that would be at my office), I’m a bit late on last week’s end user list.

Notable on this week’s list: MLB picked up a domain for $1,500 and NBC Universal got one for only $1,000.


First Rate, which provides investment results reporting solutions, bought InvestmentPerformance.com for $2,700.

Metro Traffic School of Miami, Florida picked up MetroDrivingSchool.com for $3,000.

Bug Juice Brands Inc., owner of DrinkBugJuice.com, bought BugJuice.com for $8,088.

Sunless, Inc., seller of tanning salon equipment, bought Sunless.com for $24,500. It already owns SunlessInc.com.

OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. bought PrivateGateway.com for $1,788.

PetPeople, Inc. bought the .net version of its .com, PetPeople.net, for $1,588.

The owner of LiquidSilicon.net bought LiquidSilicon.com for $2,500. A no-brainer at that price.

Roto Group, LLC, which creates first-hand experiences for museums and entertainment venues, paid $2,988 for Roto.net. It already owns Roto.com.

Online kitchen store Cutlery and More bought ProKnife.com for $2,000

The owner of TCstudios.net upgraded to TCStudios.com for $1,000.

NBC Universal paid $1,000 for IronFists.com.

Pennsylvania‘s state government bought JobsGateway.com for $4,000.

JAKOTA Cruise Systems GmbH upgraded from the hyphenated domains cruise-systems.com to CruiseSystems.com for $1,870. That must have been an easy decision for the company.


Digital Basement LLC, which owns SnorgTees.com, bought ReleasetheHounds.com for $1,500. Any SnorgTees fans know what this is for?

Major League Baseball bought BaseTime.com for $1,500.

Professional Body Supply SRL picked up BodySupply.com for $2,000. It already owns BodySupply.it.

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  1. DR.DOMAIN says

    Can’t imagine what MLB sees in: BASETIME.COM
    New show on the network?

    Good sale on SUNLESS.COM. Right price…perfect one word descriptor.

  2. Ron says

    BaseTime.com for $1500 is the cost of box seats, and some hot dogs, worth the gamble, some end users are getting some great pricing deals.

  3. Larry says

    Would be interesting if you could contact the previous owners of basetime.com and ironfists.com to see the middleman and emails that were sent making an offer to buy those domains so cheaply.

  4. Ms Domainer says


    Gov. Corbett ought to be cyberspanked for allowing the state to buy a domain when he has forced public school districts into instituting deep cuts.

    JobsGateway.com, indeed; with the way public education is going in Pennsylvania, high school graduates will be too ignorant to use this “jobs” portal.

    Corbett is a friend of big oil (they donated $1 million to his campaign) and fracking, which is known to be detrimental to water tables.

    Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

    I hope he’s a one-term governor, but never underestimate the stupidity of rank-and-file Pennsylvania Republicans, who always seem to vote against their own self interests.


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