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Domain Names Are a Great Alternative Asset in Financial Uncertainty

Domain names aren’t denominated in a single currency and are easily transferable around the world.

With S&P’s downgrade of U.S. long term debt, financial markets around the world are trying to make sense of it. It’s not like the U.S. economy and outlook has actually changed since the announcement was made. And few people trust S&P, the same company that rated a number of worthless mortgage securities AAA.

But of course this means turbulent times are ahead for your savings. As an American, I have a lot of my savings in U.S. dollars and about an equal amount in equities. While you may consider this very risk averse, those dollars keep falling in value at the same time equities do.

Which is why I’m happy to also have significant domain name assets. They aren’t denominated in U.S. dollars. Nor Euros, which could very well disappear over the next decade. Unlike some assets (e.g. U.S. real estate) they are easily transferable and salable around the world in any currency.

Domain names aren’t very liquid, but it’s a good feeling to have money tied up in an asset class with international appeal.

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  1. Rob Sequin says

    Also, you can “take them with you” on a plane without having to declare their value and you can manage and/or sell them from anywhere in the world.

    And… you don’t have to paint for feed them 🙂

    They are secure, useable in many ways and cheap to own.

    Nothing else can that I can think of fits this description.

  2. Karl Jackson says

    I agree Domains are “real” assets that appreciate constantly. I just started seeing more offers on my domain portfolio which is approx 1,000 .Coms.

    I have it priced it for a quick sale but since the value keeps increasing I am considering raising the price.

  3. Kevin Murphy says

    Not exactly low-risk.

    You can lose a domain to:

    – a dodgy UDRP panelist
    – a dodgy registrar
    – unexpected TLD policy changes
    – hackers

    Not to mention that the value of domains also fluctuates (if you believe Sedo’s research, it tracks the Nasdaq).

  4. Bob Smith says

    Do you have any meaningful data to corroborate your financial advice? from samplings of large populations not the small community of domainers who strip mine?

    This advice might be marginally helpful to insiders but it borders on irresponsible as advice for someone unfamiliar with the industry.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      @ Bob Smith – I’m not saying you should invest in domain names. I’m pointing out some of their characteristics that make them an attractive alternative asset for a lot of people right now.

  5. Jon says

    To Bob Smith.
    I am guessing he is talking largely about the best-of-the best .com domains, particularly those with international appeal. Those domains are true investment grade assets, and they are largely immune to collapse in any one currency or any one asset class.

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