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Walmart Challenges Non-Profit Over OurWalmart.org Domain Name

Company files dispute to get OURWalmart.com domain name.

[UPDATE: The original story said the case was against OURWalmart.com. It was actually against OurWalmart.org, which is indeed owned by the non-profit. Additionally, WIPO has handed down a decision in favor of Wal-Mart. The story has been corrected.]

Walmart has started a fight with non-profit OUR Walmart over the domain name OurWalmart.org.

OUR Walmart, which stands for “Organization United for Respect at Walmart”, is a non-profit organization representing hourly workers at Walmart who apparently aren’t that satisfied to have jobs.

The organization’s web site is ForRespect.org, but the domain name OurWalmart.org forwards to the domain name.

Walmart has filed a dispute with World Intellectual Property Forum asking for the domain name to be handed over.

Although this may seem like a freedom of speech issue, that’s not how UDRP cases work. Many panelists only accept the freedom of speech argument if it’s clear before going to the domain name that it’s not owned by the trademark owner.

For example, before you visit CompanySucks.com, you’re pretty sure the company doesn’t own the site. But that’s not the case with OurCompany.com. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union owns WalmartWatch.com, which is another example of a domain that’s clear from the outset that it’s not owned by the company.

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  1. John Berryhill says

    “hourly workers at Walmart who apparently aren’t that satisfied to have jobs”

    As a journalist, Andrew, by “apparently” do you mean that you base this statement on facts gathered from interviewing anyone in the organization to obtain and report to your readers what is their motivation, or is that something you made up on your own?

  2. Forrester says

    I am a bit confused Andrew

    Your story is the only result in google mentioning a UDRP for ourwalmart.com

    and I can’t find any UDRP by Walmart for ourwalmart.com searching

    but what I did find was

    D2011-0783 ourwalmart.org by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. vs OUR Walmart and a TRANSFER

    What I find odd is that the whois showing (as live) doesnt have Walmart in there and it’s still redirecting to forrespect.org and so are the.com and .net

    • Andrew Allemann says

      Forrester – you’re right, I messed up. This is the .org domain name that is owned by the non-profit. I have corrected the story.

      The domain can take up to 10 days to transfer, so that’s probably why you’re still seeing the old whois.

  3. Joey Starkey says

    I personally “HATE” Walmart….but living in a small southern town still shop there. Most of the people that I speak to that work there. Would rather work anyplace else. The companies “GREED” is undeniable.

    So if someone worked for you and you knew that they only did it because they couldn’t find work anywhre else would that make you proud? I would stick to the facts. It really makes you look …well like a corporate minion.


    • Andrew Allemann says

      @ Joey – yeah, I don’t have the perspective of a small town. Where I live there are more than enough hourly jobs to go around; companies are struggling to fill them. If that’s literally the only place hiring in town, you can enter “their” in front of “jobs”.

  4. Joshua says

    Its Union Backed site they claim to be for associates by associates and it is far from that. This is just the UFCW trying to silently sign people up to organize. and they pay five dollars a month to be a member. I work at walmart as an hourly associate and I make a decent wage after four years I am north of 16 an hour with great benifits. The Ufcw does what the do best fabricate a one sided story.
    If you notice on the who is the contact emails all come back to the ufcw.org. I am thrilled by this move and I will fight every day to keep them out of walmart. I didnt come to work for a unionized company and I will be damned if I do.

  5. mary pat says

    I am a 20+ year associate. I am a member of the Organization United for Respect. I do pay my $5 per month and I am aware that the Union is our strength. They give us the tools and knowledge that we otherwise would not have available. We are only asking to have the Respect that we deserve from the company we work for. Example, a 20+ year associate that is making less than $20 per hour. My pay is capped. In my last 5 yearly reviews, I was rated above standard. I’m going above and beyond for this company, yet they don’t respect me enough to compensate me for the job I am doing. They removed our Profit Sharing – totally free money – and replaced it with a up to 6% match for 401k. How many associates can afford to contribute any of their hard earned, poverty level pay?
    This is a company that up until about 7 years ago was pro-associate and pro-family. They expect all associates to have a totally open availability for scheduling. With this kind of scheduling, associates can’t even attempt to get a second job to help out their household or go to school to try to better themselves. Then there is our health insurance. Most can not afford to have it. The ones that do have it, can’t afford to go see a Doctor, for fear of the medical bills. How many of our associates are state dependent for health care? Am I saying that the Union is the answer? Not necessarliy, but something needs to change.

  6. Aaron says

    OUR Walmart is union funded but it is owned and runned by hourly walmart associates looking for a change in work related issues. We are in no way condoning unionizing walmart at all. We just want to be respected and recognized for the hard work we do. Josh you need to get your facts straight before you libel our organization. OUR Walmart was started by hourly associates in california and asked ufcw for funding. They funded the website for us and the trips we make is funded by us.

  7. Aubretia says

    I’ve been working for Walmart for more than 10 years. I like my job, but I do not like the way we are treated. If Walmart didn’t treat us as badly as they do, then there would be no need for Our Walmart or any other watch dog organization.

  8. melchor sanchez says

    me too im being capped with goods evaluatuions almost 20 years what that tell you nad mike duke 18 millions a year but im not good enough for a raise / overtime and we have to cut hours and he still making more money every year pass by about that i don’t believe in unions but i want respect / dignity / and good wages

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