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More TLD Trademarks: .Law, .Kom, .Tom, .Construction, .Hub

The “ticking time bomb” in new TLDs continues with no work from ICANN.

New top level domain name trademark “frontrunning” continues as 9 more trademarks have been filed related to new TLDs.

USM CHINA/HONG KONG LTD filed applications for .Hub, .Tom, Kom, and .Kom. The Kom trademark applications are troubling given VeriSign’s plans to apply for transliterations of .com. And .Tom? Sounds a lot like .com.

Thomas A Brackey of Beverly Hills filed three separate trademark applications for .law. A business called Dot Construction LLC, which has Brackey’s same address, filed to trademark application for .construction.

I think these TLD trademark applications, some of which have slipped through the examiners hands, represent a huge problem for new top level domain names. Trademark holders will use them to their advantage.

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  1. Rob Sequin


    Lawyers, registrars and registries will make money on speculation followed by bust.

    It’s all been done before.

    Get in early and get out quick.

  2. David Wrixon

    You obviously did not read the transcript of the GAC meeting before the vote. ICANN refused point blank to take into account trademark registration without useage.

    These clowns are simply wasting their money. Anything that is confusing similar will simply be thrown out regardless of what worthless trademark registrations have been filed.

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