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Microsoft Sells (or Places for Sale) Do.com

Domain name transfers to IP protection company.

An old Microsoft domain name has changed hands.

The whois record for Do.com changed yesterday from Microsoft to Glendale, California company Marksmen.

Marksmen is an intellectual property company that often helps companies acquire domain names. But it also owns NameQuiver, a domain name brokerage that sells domains on behalf of other companies.

NameQuiver was the seller broker for the now complete $2.6 million Social.com sale. That domain was sold through a Moniker auction to an as-yet-unnamed buyer.

If Microsoft were just using Marksmen as a broker the domain probably would have remained in Microsoft’s name, so my verdict here is that the domain has sold.

Do.com was originally registered in 1995. Lately it merely forwarded to a Bing query for “do”, which is common for Microsoft’s unused domain names.

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  1. Brian Null

    nice find Andrew… will be interesting to see if the buyer uses it as a new ‘brand’ or if it was purchased by a company using it as an abbreviation, ala fb.com and wp.com

  2. James

    I don’t see the point in a company like Microsoft selling such a name.
    Sooner or later they will be wanting a brandable domain.
    (Unless they were offered tens of milions or more for it) how is the extra cash going to further their business?

  3. C.T.

    @ Andrew

    I had just read about Microsoft buying Dotastic.com on Dot Weekly about 5 minutes before you posted this. Maybe the two moves have something in common.

    • Andrew Allemann

      @ Jamie – now that timing of the whois change would have been awesome!

      But I’m really scratching my head now. My guess is the person who sold this domain isn’t connected to the product team for dotastic at all.

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