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Mike Mann Ordered to Transfer 21 Domains to Facebook

Facebook awarded 21 trademark-infringing domain names.

A World Intellectual Property Organization panel has ordered BuyDomains founder Mike Mann and his company Domain Asset Holdings to transfer 21 domain names to social networking site Facebook.

The domain names all include Facebook plus an additional word, such as AboutFacebook.com, FacebookFest.com, and FacebookStuff.com.

The case was delayed at first over some confusion apparently caused by Mann’s legal team. The legal team apparently asked domain name registrar DomainDiscover to cancel the domain name registrations and the registrar complied. This put the domain names in pending delete status.

After realizing the problem, DomainDiscover went to .com registry VeriSign to get the domain names restored.

Mann did not respond to the complaint.

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  1. Uzoma says

    I take it that domainDiscover must be affiliated with Discover Cards, else ain’t they violating Discover Cards trade name/mark/rights?

  2. Michael says

    I guess Mike Mann was trying to avoid the case, which he was certain to loose and not exactly get great PR from.

  3. RH says

    What’s confusing, Mann is heralded by many in the domaining community and this shows he infringed on Facebook trademark.

  4. Brad says

    Well, his website (DomainMarket.com) has plenty of Google, Microsoft, and other obvious TM domains as well on there.


  5. Michael says


    Now I see how he made his money….buy trademark domains, monetize them, make a lot of cash, buy generic domains, sell them for high prices.

    Why the fu*k is Michael Mann tarnishing the industry even more. He’s already wealthy and he’s STILL doing this in 2011 ?

    He makes me look bad doing this, damn him! It’s just so flagrant. These are not on the fence type of domains that are border line calls….they are in your face trademark violations.

    I wish this industry would act more responsible.


  6. ASN5 says

    So the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes? Wow! To quote Captain Renault, “I’m shocked … shocked to find unethical business practices are being undertaken by pillars of the domainer community!”

    • James says

      He’s not a pillar of the domainer community. He just likes to brag about how much he sold his pigeon shit for.

  7. Ken says

    LOL there’s even GoogleMicrosoft.com there, talk about a combo breaker.

    Anyway, I don’t quite get it why he still does these kind of domains. Kinda sad :/

  8. George says

    What a hypocrite. He accuses everyone of being a scammer, yet he is one himself. “God Hates Scammers”. That’s what he says on his website. Gee, I guess God hates you, Mike.

  9. James says

    TM skirting and shady domain name registrations are to be expected by Mann. Sounds like it’s par for the course.

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