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Afternic and Sedo Combine for Over $1.5 Million in Domain Sales

Strong sales week but no six figure transactions from top marketplaces.

The two largest domain name marketplaces, Afternic and Sedo, combined for well over $1.5 million in announced domain sales over the past week.

Sedo led the way with Bills.org, while Afternic had a very strong sale with FunChat.com at $40,000.

Here’s a list of notable sales above $5,000 (Afternic sales denoted with “Afternic”, others are Sedo):

humidifiers.com 50000 USD
funchat.com $40,000 USD Afternic
physical.com 42500 USD
undergraduate.com 22000 USD
playbet.com 21600 EUR
IVIDEOS.com $16,800 USD Afternic
francemutuelle.com 15000 EUR
Xumo.com $15,000 Afternic
misjuegosdebobesponja.com 10000 EUR
thredbo.com 10000 USD
CreateAPoster.com $10,000 Afternic
altus.com 9600 USD
betterdna.com 9000 USD
niceprice.com 8000 EUR
autonova.com $7,700 Afternic
wholesalevoip.com 7500 USD
bowandarrow.com 7000 USD
Nicker.com $7,000 Afternic
periodoncia.com 6500 USD
peoplecounting.com 6000 EUR
alphadebt.com $6,160 Afternic
taxnation.com $6,080 Afternic
gxnews.com $6,000 Afternic
WebsiteUptime.com $6,000 Afternic
jiangshi.com 6000 USD
visiontrends.com $5,800 Afternic
stockpage.com $5,588 Afternic
booklamp.com $5,502 Afternic
bigswing.com 5000 USD
likeus.com 5000 USD
ukcloud.com 5000 USD
ifast.com 5000 USD
dragonglobal.com 5000 USD
cocogirl.com 5000 USD
milcoches.com 4500 EUR

it.cc 15000 USD
gaertnerei.de 11781 EUR
gärtnerei.de 11781 EUR
holland.co 9000 EUR
beat.fm 8500 USD
storyboard.de 8000 EUR
vanrental.co.uk 6220 GBP
brandy.co 6000 EUR
energiemakler.de 6000 EUR
smo.co.uk 6000 GBP
virus.nl 5001 EUR
datarecovery.us 5000 USD
gin.co 5000 EUR
smartkauf.de 4500 EUR

bills.org 70000 USD
darlehen.net 15000 EUR
emailserver.net $10,000 Afternic
sipnet.net 10000 USD
raw.info 6000 EUR
upgrades.net 5500 USD
shawbrook.co.uk 5000 GBP
youthhostels.co.uk 5000 USD
qrs.net $5,000 Afternic
compute.net $5,000 Afternic
mafia.info 4000 EUR

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