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Could Amazon or Facebook Challenge Google on Ads?

Two powerful technology companies could make a run at Google.

Domain name owners often complain about the duopoly of ad syndication options from Google and Yahoo/Bing.

Lots of ad networks have tried to compete but have been unable to. But could two large web companies make a run at it?

Facebook and Amazon are the best contenders, and I’d actually place my money on Amazon.

Amazon recently started a self-serve pay-per-click ad network, and may be gearing up to create a display ad network.

Although you may think of Amazon as an ecommerce company, it has successfully disrupted the computing power and online storage business. It also has an incredible amount of data on internet users (as does Facebook).

Would competition from Facebook or Amazon affect the domain name parking business? That wouldn’t happen for a long time. There’s plenty of business in the traditional ad display and PPC market, and domain name parking is way down the target list for companies like these.

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  1. Elephants are People Too

    Amazon, Google’s largest advertiser for years and years, could easily save a literal fortune by tapping into parked domains instead of funneling money to Google.

    Parked domain owners would make more and Amazon would spend less if a Zero Click solution arrived.

    BTW….I was talking to my rep at GoDaddy and they seem to be quietly working on some kind of ad solution, whether it be a ad network or zero click solution, I’m not sure since he did not elaborate, but they are considering doing something.

    GoDaddy could make a run for the parking market very easily. They have the money, power, and all the domains in their index which could be switched over to advertising by the simple click of a radial button in the GoDaddy interface.

    I see them being able to upset the duopoly for sure.

  2. Alex Chesser

    Facebook has the infrastructure and developer base in place with their LIKE button.

    Even for people who don’t know programming, the adding of a like button is ridiculously simple. Essentially, you put on your webpage and it’s done.

    Well what if web page owners also had the opportunity to put on their page or even (or whatever)

    Facebook already knows exactly who you are when you land on any given page (gender, age, likes, dislikes) when they manage to combine that with the conext of exactly what you’re browsing at any given time … they’re really going to knock it out of the park.

    Conversions and clicks will go through the roof for them. Publishers will really reap the rewards of that one.

    When they talk about Facebook being valued at $50 Billion dollars, *this( is probably what they’re thinking of. Compare to Google’s market cap of $190 Billion and Facebook looks a lot like the deal of the century right now.

  3. Alex Chesser

    sorry, I tried to put tags in the post but they don’t show up in text. Essentially you put “fb:like” on your web page and you have a like button.

    What if they had
    “fb: ad” or “fb:ad size=300×200”


    Developers could do that in seconds and instantly Facebook could be getting an extra billion impressions a day.

  4. JS

    Actually I believe parking is a nice market to have for an emerging platform. Parking is perfect to buffer inventory, spend advertisers excess budget at the end of the month.

  5. Elephants are People Too

    @Alex…..FB knows nothing about me, never signed up. 🙂

    I’m actually a little jealous of my friend that has no birth certificate, no S.S number, and never went to public schools, never has been in the hospital. He’s off the grid. Not even the U.S. Gov’t knows he exists.

    Born and raised in the deep country. 🙂


  6. Joey Starkey

    Google will be responsible for their own downfall. Anytime a business gets so big they abuse their own advertisers. (closing a customers Adwords account just like they don’t want or need your business) (Or closing a persons Adsense account without bothering to tell you what you did wrong). I can’t wait till the day.

  7. Jim

    The owner of Ads.com is sitting on a goldmine bigger than Facebook or Google. Whoever has the foresight to take this domain mainstream is going to make billions.

  8. Meyer

    Will Google always be top dog?
    Probably not. But, they would need to
    stumble to create an opening for the other
    guys to catch up.

    At one time, everyone thought General Motors
    was not beatable. Occasionally big companies
    do lose focus and they pay the price.

    The owner of ADS is sitting on a domain
    worth $ 1-5mil. (best case scenario)
    The only way he is going to see that
    is if a major company buys it from him.
    Or they give him stock.

    Getting ADS started from scratch is not

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