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Verizon Sues Above.com and Serves it During DOMAINfest

Company sued over trademark domain names; served during DOMAINfest.

Verizon has filed a federal lawsuit against Above.com, parent company Trellian, and some of the company’s key employees (pdf).

Trellian offers a number of keyword and SEO tools. Above.com is best known to the domain name industry for split testing parked domain traffic. It also has an ICANN-accredited domain registrar.

The suit alleges that the defendants use a number of false identities to traffic in trademark-infringing domain names. It alleges the company has registered, used and/or provided Above.com privacy service to at least 183 domains including Verizon’s trademarks, including VerizWireless.com, ActivateVerizon.net, and loginvzw.com.

Court documents show that the company was served at the Santa Monica Fairmont hotel during this year’s DOMAINfest conference.

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  1. jp says

    It’s looking like an annual thin verizon serving folks at domainfest. That’s a lot of verizon infringing domains. Is verizon such a powerful brand that all of those make more than Reg fee a year in parking rev? Is it that worth owing a verizon typo? Or is above just getting sued for it’s cusomer’s domains which would better explain the volume since they wouldn’t all be owned by one person.

  2. Josh says

    Even after the last 2 verizon suits people still monetizing them, silly domainers. Maybe next time verizon won’t back down and look like wusses.

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