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VeriSign Domain Tag Cloud Gives Insight Into Latest Domain Registrations

Tool gives quick insight into recent domain registrations.

VeriSign domain tag cloudHere’s an interesting new beta tool from VeriSign: the Verisign Domain Tag Cloud.

The tool gives some insight into current domain name registration trends. It’s like a tag cloud but the tags are words used in recent domain name registrations. The bigger the word, the more frequently it occurred in domains that were registered over a specific time period.

You can choose to view the most recent registration keywords (literally the past few minutes) or select based on hourly timetables, such as names registered in the past 10 hours.

Whether or not you can gleam actionable information from this tool is open for debate. There have been other tools over the years that let you drill into recent trends, but none that have access to near real time data.

Surprisingly, “Charlie” and “Sheen” are not top keywords in the past 24 hours.

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  1. Meyer

    It is very interesting.
    But, in one sense it is like knowing which
    horse won the race an hour ago. Nice to know
    by no way to profit from it.

    Also, we will see people spinning the most
    popular daily terms which will make the term
    have a life of its own.

    “kids” So, someone will immediately reg.

    Tomorrow, someone will reg.

    I guess it is a way for Verisign to
    generate more registrations and revenue.

  2. Donny

    Kind of cool, but doesn’t work in IE9. Don’t they realize that 89% of the internet is using beta software like me. Works fine in firefox though.

  3. Louise

    Just registered, 3DWinning dot com – Now I have to go record the Nintendo 3DS demo in LA tomorrow, and make that site developed!

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