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National Arbitration Forum Now Taking .Co Disputes

Two largest UDRP administrators now handling .co domain name disputes.

[Update: Apparently NAF started offering .co disputes last fall. This is the first time I’ve seen a .co dispute there.] National Arbitration Forum has joined World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in offering dispute resolution services for .co domain name.

When .co relaunched last year the only authorized UDRP provider was WIPO.

Some companies were behind the ball and didn’t get their domain names during the trademark sunrise period. The easiest resolution for many of them is to file a UDRP.

So far WIPO has received 70 .com disputes from companies such as AOL, Revlon, Brookstone, and Adidas. Complainants have yet to lose a case.

National Arbitration Forum does not offer searching by top level domain, but I believe the first case was BackCountry.co, which commenced on March 3.

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  1. JJ

    “So far WIPO has received 70 .com disputes”

    or was that .co disputes? 🙂

    BackCountry.co – surely generic? Yes Backcountry.com is a store, but the term ‘backcountry’ is a well used generic term. The net/org do not belong to backountry.com, and are more valuable than the .co IMO. Pity for the owner of the .co that he chose to make pennies from parking the domain and advertising outdoor gear though – still should be defensible IMO.

    • Andrew Allemann

      @ JJ – thanks, fixed 🙂

      I agree on BackCountry.co. Will be interesting to see if the owner had any communications with the retailer that are used against him in the case.

  2. Joey Starkey

    Still not buying .co domains. May cost me in the long run but I am not a believer.

    Time will tell. I think the only one that will make money is the registar.

  3. Jason Hayden

    It looks like harmonicdrive.co commenced back in February (so they have dibs on first).
    There are several other .co UDRPs pending at NAF including:

    I think supporting .co disputes will prove to be a boon for NAF.

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