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VeriSign Scores a Win in Antitrust Lawsuit

Court rules plaintiffs don’t have standing to bring suit.

A California court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Coalition for ICANN Transparency (CFIT) against VeriSign for its .com and .net domain name contracts.

The court ruling was first reported earlier today by DomainIncite.

United States District Judge Ronald Whyte ruled that CFIT didn’t have standing to bring the antitrust lawsuit.

The suit originally aimed to get ICANN to make a competitive bidding process for .com domain names and for VeriSign to roll back the prices it charges registries for domain registrations. It was sought to stop VeriSign from starting its domain name waitlisting service.

One of CFIT’s backers, Pool.com, was certainly interested in the waitlisting service because it would have hurt its domain backordering business.

But as with earlier decisions in this case where VeriSign lost, I doubt this case is over yet.

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