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Stockbrokers.com Sells for $185,000

Premium domain name changes hands and springs into developed web site.

StockBrokers.comDomain name monetization company Dotzup has sold Stockbrokers.com for $185,000 in cash to Reink Media Group.

The deal was closed last week via Escrow.com.

Reink Media Group owns a handful of other investing sites including StockTradingToGo.com, tradeWISER.com, and TraderMike.net. But Stockbrokers.com is certainly a crown jewel for the company. In fact, much of tradeWISER.com has already moved to the new domain name.

Stockbrokers.com will be a comparison site for brokers. It includes reviews, trade cost comparisons, and a trade calculator.

According to DNSalePrice, StockBroker.org sold for $1,834 in 2006 and the plural version sold for $1,793.

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  1. Jim says

    Awesome name and great sale price, although to be honest I would’ve thought that a domain in such a strong financial niche could have commanded a higher price. Awesome nonetheless.

  2. Meyer says

    The media company should have checked
    what ‘valuate’ thought it was worth.
    Full retail value $ 63k.

    Does that mean Stockbrokers,com sold for
    3 times its retail value?

  3. ValuateSucks says

    @meyer, No it means, Valuate has NO CLUE what so ever on how to put a value on domains.

    Some of my best revenue domains are said to be worth less than $1,000 even though it makes more than 1k per year.

    So with a valuate, and a 50 cents, you can get a cup of coffee not much more.

  4. Karl Jackson says

    Yes, I agree. Valuate goes far off the mark on most. For instance it says for one of my for sale domains, BrokersCom.com $950. But it is worth more than that.

    Or let’s say for instance an example of them being light-years off the mark. The Hearst Corporation’s domain that I own, NationalMagazineCompany.com (By the way my attorney says I own it legally due 2 primary factors). Valuate software cannot recognize it accurately for what the domain really stands for.

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