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DomainTools Turns on “Recent Whois” For Go Daddy Domain Names

Site begins showing older whois records.

DomainTools has come up with a (perhaps interim) solution after Go Daddy started blocking some whois services from accessing its full records.

Searches at DomainTools for domain names registered at Go Daddy now include a “recent whois record” with the note “We provide this record when data provided by the registrar is missing key information.”

Here’s an example:

It’s not clear how recent the whois records are and if they were pulled prior to Go Daddy’s block going into effect.

I’ve already come across one situation where I need historical whois information on a domain name that isn’t available because of the block.

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  1. Jeff Schneider says

    Hello Andrew,

    Let me know of a service that shows whois info for NETSOL Pre-2000, they existed and then somehow dissappeared?? Transparency brings trust and traffic, exclusionary rules drive traffic away!!

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Metal Tiger)

    • Andrew Allemann says

      Josh, I hope it’s an interim solution. Clearly they need to pull updated ones. My understanding is that groups can “buy” bulk whois records from registrars for $10k for limited types of use. Maybe DT will have to do that, but it certainly sets a precedent. Ultimately these costs will be passed on to DT users.

  2. Joe says

    Fortunately I haven’t bought yet any paid service/account at DT. Only if/when they fix this, I’ll think about it.

  3. theo says

    DT has the legal right to ask for the whois data.

    However it is GD who sets the price.. 10K is the max a registrar can ask.

    If GD is pro domainers who use DT they will give DT a break and do not charge DT 10k ..

    However the ball is at GD and DT can make the request.

    Is there any privacy violation in the States that would prevent GD selling the data to DT for 10k ?? After all DT is in this case a third party that publishes the data to their subs.

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