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Microsoft Goes After Kinect Domain Names

Company files arbitration cases to get domain names.

If you registered domain names with “Kinect” in them with plans to develop sites related to the XBox Kinect system, you better watch out.

Microsoft has filed 7 UDRP cases at National Arbitration Forum since Christmas, all targeting domain names with “Kinect” in them. Among the domains targeted: MicrosoftKinect.com, KinectWorld.com, KinectPro.com, and KinectReviews.us.

Most of the domain names being challenged have parking pages with video game ads. But one of them could be a challenge for Microsoft: wwwKinect.com.

Microsoft doesn’t actually own Kinect.com. It’s owned by a marketing group called Kinect under the CorbettAccel umbrella. (Don’t be surprised if they end up selling the domain name to Microsoft. It used to forward to a web site but no longer resolves.)

So can they win a UDRP for a typo of a domain name they don’t even own?

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